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PUBLIC LAW 104-201—SEPT. 23, 1996 110 STAT. 2601 (2) is conducted solely by a non-Federal entity; and (3) is funded through the Defense Health Program account. (d) EFFECTIVE DATE. —The peer review requirements of sub- Applicability. section (b) shall take effect on October 1, 1996, and, except as provided in subsection (e), shall apply to all medical research projects proposed funded on or after that date, including medical research projects funded pursuant to any requirement of law enacted before, on, or after that date. (e) EXCEPTIONS. —Only the following medical research projects shall be exempt from the peer review requirements of subsection (b): (1) A medical research project that the Secretary determines has been substantially completed by October 1, 1996. (2) A medical research project funded pursuant to any provision of law enacted on or after that date if the provision of law specifically refers to this section and specifically states that the peer review requirements do not apply. SEC. 743. INDEPENDENT RESEARCH REGARDING GULF WAR 10 USC 1074 SYNDROME. note. (a) DEFINITIONS. —For purposes of this section: (1) The term "Gulf War service" means service on active duty as a member of the Armed Forces in the Southwest Asia theater of operations during the Persian Gulf War. (2) The term "Gulf War syndrome" means the complex of illnesses and symptoms commonly known as Gulf War s3nQ- drome. (3) The term "Persian Gulf War" has the meaning given that term in section 101(33) of title 38, United States Code. (b) RESEARCH. —The Secretary of Defense shall provide, by contract, grant, or other transaction, for scientific research to be carried out by entities independent of the Federal Government on possible causal relationships between Gulf War syndrome and— (1) the possible exposures of members of the Armed Forces to chemical warfare agents or other hazardous materials during Gulf War service; and (2) the use by the Department of Defense during the Persian Gulf War of combinations of various inoculations and investigational new drugs. (c) PROCEDURES FOR AWARDING GRANTS.— The Secretary shall prescribe the procedures to be used to make research awards under subsection (b). The procedures shall— (1) include a comprehensive, independent peer-review process for the evaluation of proposals for scientific research that are submitted to the Department of Defense; and (2) provide for the final selection of proposals for award to be based on the scientific merit and program relevance of the proposed research. (d) AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS.— Of the amount authorized to be appropriated under section 301(21) for defense medical programs, $10,000,000 is available for research under subsection (b). SEC. 744. COMPTROLLER GENERAL REVIEW OF HEALTH CARE ACTIVI- TIES OF DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE RELATING TO GULF WAR ILLNESSES. (a) MEDICAL RESEARCH AND CLINICAL CARE PROGRAMS.— The Comptroller General shall analyze the effectiveness of the medical research programs and clinical care programs of the Department