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PUBLIC LAW 104-284—OCT. 11, 1996 110 STAT. 3373 total market for odorized propane that is used as a motor vehicle fuel, based on the historical average of such use over the previous 3-year period. (h) PRIORITIES.—Issues related to research and development, safety, education, and training shall be given priority by the Council in the development of its programs and projects. (i) ADMINISTRATION.— The Council shall select from among its members a Chairman and other officers as necessary, may establish committees and subcommittees of the Council, and shall adopt rules and bylaws for the conduct of business and the implementation of this Act. The Council shall establish procedures for the solicitation of industry comment and recommendations on any significant plans, programs, and projects to be funded by the Council. The Council may establish advisory committees of persons other than Council members. (j) ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES. —(1) The administrative expenses of operating the Council (not including costs incurred in the collection of the assessment pursuant to section 7) plus sunounts paid under paragraph (2) shall not exceed 10 percent of the funds collected in any fiscal year. (2) The Coxmcil shall annually reimburse the Secretary for costs incurred by the Federal Government relating to the Council, except that such reimbursement for any fiscal year shall not exceed the amount that the Secretary determines is the average annual salary of two employees of the Department of Energy. (k) BUDGET. —Before August 1 each year, the Council shall publish for public review and comment a budget plan for the next calendar year, including the probable costs of all programs, projects, and contracts and a recommended rate of assessment sufficient to cover such costs. Following this review and comment, the Council shall submit the proposed budget to the Secretary and to the Congress. The Secretary may recommend programs and activities the Secretary considers appropriate. (1) RECORDS; AUDITS.— The Council shall keep minutes, books, and records that clearly reflect all of the acts and transactions of the Council and make public such information. The books of the Council shall be audited by a certified public accountant at least once each fiscal year and at such other times as the Council may designate. Copies of such audit shall be provided to all members of the Council, all quahfied industry orgsmizations, and to other members of the industry upon request. The Secretary shall receive notice of meetings and may require reports on the activities of the Council, as well as reports on compliance, violations, and complaints regarding the implementation of this Act. (m) PUBLIC ACCESS TO COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS.—(1) All meetings of the Council shall be open to the public after at least 30 days advance public notice. (2) The minutes of all meetings of the Council shall be made available to and readily accessible by the public. (n) ANNUAL REPORT. —Each year the Council shall prepare and make publicly available a report which includes an identification and description of all programs and projects undertaken by the Council during the previous year as well as those planned for the coming year. Such report shall also detail the allocation or planned allocation of Council resources for each such program and project.