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110 STAT. 3652 PUBLIC LAW 104-301—OCT. 11, 1996 (C) the Tribe pays for the land acquired through condemnation xinder this subsection. (b) DISPOSITION OF LANDS.— If the Secretary acquires lands through condemnation under subsection (a), the Secretsiry shall take those lands into trust for the Tribe in accordance with this Act and the Settlement Agreement. (c) PRIVATE LANDS. —The Secretary may not acquire private lands through condemnation for the purpose specified in subsection (a)(2)(A). 25 USC 640d SEC. 7. ACTION TO QUIET POSSESSION. If the United States fails to discharge the obligations specified in section 9(c) of the Settlement Agreement with respect to voluntary relocation of Navaios residing on Hopi Partitioned Lsinds, or section 9(d) of the Settlement Agreement, relating to the implementation of sections 700.137 through 700.139 of title 25, Code of Federal Regulations, on the New Lands, including failure for reason of insufficient funds made available by appropriations or otherwise, the Tribe may bring an action to quiet possession that relates to the use of the Hopi Partitioned Lands after February 1, 2000, by a Navajo family that is eligible for an accommodation, but fails to enter into an accommodation. 25 USC 640d SEC. 8. PAYMENT TO STATE OF ARIZONA. ^°^' (a) AUTHORIZATION OP APPROPRIATIONS.— Subject to subsection (b), there are authorized to be appropriated to the Department of the Interior $250,000 for fiscal year 1998, to be used by the Secretary of the Interior for making a payment to the State of Arizona. (b) PAYMENT. —The Secretary shall make a payment in the amount specified in subsection (a) to the State of Arizona after an initial acquisition of land from the State has been made by the Secretary pursuant to section 6. 25 USC 640d SEC. 9. 75-YEAR LEASING AUTHORITY. °^' The first section of the Act of August 9, 1955 (69 Stat. 539, chapter 615; 25 U.S.C. 415) is amended by adding at the end the following new subsections: "(c) LEASES INVOLVING THE HOPI TRIBE AND THE HOPI PARTI- TIONED LANDS ACCOMMODATION AGREEMENT. — Notwithstanding subsection (a), a lease of land by the Hopi Tribe to Navajo Indieins on the Hopi Partitioned Lands may be for a term of 75 years, and may be extended at the conclusion of the term of the lease. "(d) DEFINITIONS. —For purposes of this section— "(1) the term 'Hopi Partitioned Lands' means lands located in the Hopi Partitioned Area, as defined in section 168.1(g) of title 25, Code of Federal Regulations (as in effect on the date of enactment of this subsection); and "(2) the term 'Navajo Indians' means members of the Navajo Tribe.". 25 USC 640d SEC. 10. REAUTHORIZATION OF THE NAVAJO-HOPI RELOCATION note. HOUSING PROGRAM. Section 25(a)(8) of Public Law 93-531 (25 U.S.C. 640d-24(a)(8)) is amended by striking "1996, and 1997" and inserting "1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000".