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PUBLIC LAW 104-330—OCT. 26, 1996 110 STAT. 4023 (B) is agreed to by the local governing body in the agreement under subsection (c); or (C) the recipient and the local governing body agree that such user fees or payments in lieu of taxes shall not be made. (e) EFFECT OF FAILURE TO EXEMPT FROM TAXATION.— Notwithstanding subsection (d), a grant recipient that does not comply with the requirements under such subsection may receive a block grant under this Act, but only if the tribe, State, city, county, or other political subdivision in which the affordable housing development is located contributes, in the form of cash or tax remission, the amount by which the taxes paid with respect to the development exceed the amounts prescribed in subsection (d)(2). (f) AMOUNT. —Except as otherwise provided under this Act, the amount of a grant under this section to a recipient for a fiscsQ year shall be— (1) in the case of a recipient whose gremt beneficiary is a single Indian tribe, the amount of the allocation under section 301 for the Indian tribe; and (2) in the case of a recipient whose grant beneficiary is more than 1 Indian tribe, the sum of the amounts of the allocations under section 301 for each such Indian tribe. (g) USE FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING ACTIVITIES UNDER PLAN.— Except as provided in subsection (h), amounts provided under a grant under this section may be used only for affordable housing activities under title II that are consistent with an Indian housing plan approved under section 103. (h) ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES.— The Secretary shall, by regula- Regulations, tion, authorize each recipient to use a percent^e of any grant amounts received under this Act for any reasonable administrative and planning expenses of the recipient relating to carrying out this Act and activities assisted with such amounts, which may include costs for salaries of individuals engaged in administering and managing affordable housing activities assisted with grant amounts provided under this Act and expenses of preparing an Indian housing plan under section 102. (i) PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS. —Each recipient shall make all reasonable efforts, consistent with the purposes of this Act, to maximize participation by the private sector, including nonprofit organizations and for-profit entities, in implementing the approved Indian housing plsm. SEC. 102. INDIAN HOUSING PLANS. 25 USC 4112. (a) PLAN SUBMISSION. —The Secretary shall provide— (1) for an Indian tribe to submit to the Secretary, for each fiscal year, a housing plan under this section for the tribe; (2) for the tribally designated housing entity for the tribe to submit the plan as provided in subsection (d) for the tribe; and (3) for the review of such plans. (b) 5-YEAR PLAN.— Each housing plan under this section shall be in a form prescribed by the Secretary and shall contain, with respect to the 5-year period beginning with the fiscal year for which the plan is submitted, the following information: (1) MISSION STATEMENT. — A general statement of the mission of the Indian tribe to serve the needs of the low-