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110 STAT. 4054 PUBLIC LAW 104-331—OCT. 26, 1996 "PAET C—OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT OF 1970 "425. Rights and protections under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970; procedures for remedy of violations. "PART D—LABOR-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS "431. Application of chapter 71 of title 5, relating to Federal service labor-management relations; procedures for remedy of violations. "PART E—GENERAL " 435. Generally applicable remedies and limitations. "SUBCHAPTER III—ADMINISTRATIVE AND JUDICIAL DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCEDURES " 451. Procedure for consideration of alleged violations. "452. Counseling and mediation. "453. Election of proceeding. "454. Appropriate agencies. "455. Effect of failure to issue regulations. "456. Confidentiality. "SUBCHAPTER IV—EFFECTIVE DATE "471. Effective date. " SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS § 401. Definitions. "(a) IN GENERAL. —Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, as used in this chapter: "(1) BOARD.— The term 'Board' means the Merit Systems Protection Board under chapter 12 of title 5. "(2) COVERED EMPLOYEE.— The term 'covered employee' means any employee of an employing office. "(3) EMPLOYEE.— The term 'employee' includes an applicant for employment and a former employee. "(4) EMPLOYING OFFICE. —The term 'employing office' means— "(A) each office, agency, or other component of the Executive Office of the President; "(B) the Executive Residence at the White House; and "(C) the official residence (temporary or otherwise) of the Vice President. " (b) DEFINITIONS RELATING TO CERTAIN MATTERS.— For purposes of applying this chapter with respect to any practice or other matter— "(1) to which section 411 relates, the terms 'employing office' and 'covered employee' shall each be considered to have the meaning given to the term by such section; "(2) to which section 412 relates, the term 'covered employee' means a covered employee described in section 412(a)(2)(B); "(3) to which section 413 relates, the term 'covered employee' excludes interns and volunteers, as described in section 413(a)(2); and "(4) to which section 416 relates, the term 'covered employee' means a covered employee described in section 416(a)(2).

    • § 402. Application of laws

"The following laws shall apply, as prescribed by this chapter, to all employing offices (including employing offices within the meaning of section 411, to the extent prescribed therein):