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110 STAT. 4096 PUBLIC LAW 104^33a-NOV. 12, 1996 Sec. 305. Management plan. Sec. 306. Grants and technical assistance. Sec. 307. Acquisition of real property. Sec. 308. Occiipational, safety, conservation, and environmental regulation. Sec. 309. Land use regulation. Sec. 310. Sunset. Sec. 311. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE IV—STEEL INDUSTRY HERITAGE PROJECT Sec. 401. Short title. Sec. 402. Findings and purpose. Sec. 403. Steel Industry American Heritage Area. Sec. 404. Compact. Sec. 405. Management plan. Sec. 406. Authorities and duties of management entity. Sec. 407. Duties and authorities of Fedei^ agencies. Sec. 408. Sunset. Sec. 409. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE V—ESSEX NATIONAL HERITAGE AREA Sec. 501. Finding and purpose. Sec. 502. Definitions. Sec. 503. Designation of National Heritage Area. Sec. 504. Management entity. Sec. 505. Duties of the Secretary. Sec. 506. Private property. Sec. 507. Sunset. Sec. 508. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE VI—SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL HERITAGE CORRIDOR Sec. 601. Short title. Sec. 602. Findings and purpose. Sec. 603. Definitions. Sec. 604. South Carolina National Heritage Corridor. Sec. 605. Management entity. Sec. 606. Duties of the Secretary. Sec. 607. Sunset. Sec. 608. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE VII—AMERICA'S AGRICULTURAL HERITAGE PARTNERSHIP Sec. 701. Findings and piirposes. Sec. 702. Definitions. Sec. 703. Establishment of the America's Agricultural Heritage Partnership. Sec. 704. Establishment of the America's Agricutural Heritage Partnei management entity. Sec. 705. Partnership management plan. Sec. 706. Land use regulation and private property protection. Sec. 707. Sunset. Sec. 708. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE VIII—OHIO & ERIE CANAL NATIONAL HERITAGE CORRIDOR Sec. 801. Short title. Sec. 802. Findings and piupose. Sec. 803. Definitions. Sec. 804. Ohio & Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor. Sec. 805. The Ohio & Erie National Canal Heritage Corridor Committee. Sec. 806. Powers and duties of the National Heritage Corridor Committee. Sec. 807. Management entity. Sec. 808. Duties of the management entity. Sec. 809. Duties and authorities of Federal agencies. Sec. 810. Lack of eflFect on land use regulation and private property. Sec. 811. Sunset. Sec. 812. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE—HUDSON RIVER VALLEY NATIONAL HERITAGE AREA Sec. 901. Short title. Sec. 902. Findings. Sec. 903. Purposes. Sec. 904. Hudson River Valley American Heritage Area. Sec. 905. Compact.