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110 STAT. 4158 PUBLIC LAW 104-333—NOV. 12, 1996 16 USC 470m. (4) By amending subsection (g) of section 205 to read as follows: "(g) Any Federal agency may provide the Council, with or without reimbursement as may be agreed upon by the Chairman and the agency, with such funds, personnel, facilities and services under its jurisdiction and control as may be needed by the Council to carry out its duties, to the extent that such funds, personnel, facilities, and services are requested by the Council and are otherwise available for the purpose. Any funds provided to the Council pursuant to this subsection must be expended by the end of the fiscal year following the fiscal year in which the funds are received by the Council. To the extent of available appropriations, the Council may obtain by purchase, rental, donation, or otherwise, such additional property facilities, and services as may be needed to carry out its duties and may also receive donations of moneys for such purpose, and the Executive Director is authorized, in his discretion, to accept, hold, use, expend, and administer the same for the purposes of this Act.". 16 USC 461 note. SEC. 510. GREAT FALLS fflSTOMC DISTRICT, NEW JERSEY. (a) PURPOSES. — The purposes of this section are— (1) to preserve and interpret, for the educational and inspirational benefit of the public, the contribution of our national heritage of certain historic and cultural lands and edifices of the Great Falls Historic District, with emphasis on harnessing this unique urban environment for its educational and recreational value; and (2) to enhance economic and cultural redevelopment within the District. (b) DEFINITIONS. —In this section: (1) DISTRICT.— The term "District" means the Great Falls Historic District established by subsection (c). (2) SECRETARY.— The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Interior. (3) HISTORIC INFRASTRUCTURE. — The term "historic infrastructure" means the District's historic raceway system, all four stories of the original Colt Gun Mill, including belltower, and any other structure that the Secretary determines to be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. (c) GREAT FALLS HISTORIC DISTRICT. — (1) ESTABLISHMENT. —There is established the Great Falls Historic District in the city of Paterson, in Passaic County, New Jersey. (2) BOUNDARIES.— The boundaries of the District shall be the boundaries specified by the Great Falls Historic District listed on the National Register of Historic Places. (d) DEVELOPMENT PLAN. — The Secretary may make grants and enter into cooperative agreements with the State of New Jersey, local governments, and private nonprofit entities under which the Secretary agrees to pay not more than 50 percent of the costs of— (1) preparation of a plan for the development of historic, architectural, natural, cultural, and interpretive resources within the District; (2) implementation of projects approved by the Secretary under the development plan; and