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PUBLIC LAW 104-333—NOV. 12, 1996 110 STAT. 4191 unit of the National Park System, of existing governmentowned housing provided to employees of the NationsJ Park Service. The review shall include an assessment of the physical condition of such housing and the suitability of such housing to effectively carry out the missions of the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service. For each unit of such housing, the Secretary shall determine whether the unit is needed and justified. The review shall include estimates of the cost of bringing each unit that is needed and justified into usable condition that meets all applicable legal housing requirements or, if the unit is determined to be obsolete but is still warranted to carry out the missions of the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service, the cost of replacing the unit. (6) AUTHORIZATION FOR HOUSING AGREEMENTS. — For those units of the National Park System for which the review required by paragraphs (3) and (5) has been completed, the Secretary is authorized, pursuant to the authorities contained in this subsection and subject to the appropriation of necessary funds in advance, to enter into housing agreements with housing entities under which such housing entities may develop, construct, rehabilitate, or manage housing, located on or off public lands, for rent or lease to National Park Service employees who meet the housing eligibility criteria developed by the Secretary pursuant to this Act. (7) JOINT PUBLIC-PRIVATE SECTOR HOUSING PROGRAMS. — (A) LEASE TO BUILD PROGRAM.— Subject to the appropriation of necessary funds in advance, the Secretary may— (i) lease Federal land and interests in land to qualified persons for the construction of field employee quarters for any period not to exceed 50 years; and (ii) lease developed and undeveloped non-Federal land for providing field employee quarters. (B) COMPTETITIVE LEASING. —Each lease under subparagraph (A)(i) shall be awarded through the use of publicly advertised, competitively bid, or competitively negotiated contracting procedures. (C) TERMS AND CONDITIONS. —Each lease under subparagraph (A)(i)— (i) shall stipulate whether operation and maintenance of field employee quarters is to be provided by the lessee, field employees or the Federal Government; (ii) shall require that the construction and rehabilitation of field employee quarters be done in accordance with the requirements of the National Park Service and local applicable building codes and industry standards; (iii) shall contain such additional terms and conditions as may be appropriate to protect the Federal interest, including limits on rents the lessee may charge field employees for the occupancy of quarters, conditions on maintenance and repairs, and agreements on the provision of charges for utilities and other infrastructure; and (iv) may be granted at less than fair market value if the Secretary determines that such lease will