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110 STAT. 4246 PUBLIC LAW 104-333—NOV. 12, 1996 (b) BOUNDARIES. — The Tennessee Civil War Heritage Area shall be comprised of areas of the State of Tennessee depicted on the map entitled "Tennessee Civil War Heritage Area". The map shall be on file and available for public inspection in the office of the Director of the National Park Service. (c) ADMINISTRATION. — The national heritage area shall be administrated in accordance with the compact and the management plan. SEC. 204, COMPACT. (a) COMPACT. — The compact referred to in section 203(a) shall include information relating to the objectives and management of the area proposed for designation as the national heritage area. Such information shall include (but not be limited to) each of the following: (1) A delineation of the boundaries of the proposed national heritage area. (2) A discussion of the goals and objectives of the proposed national heritage area, including an explanation of the approach proposed by the partners referred to in paragraph (4), to conservation and interpretation of resources. (3) An identification and description of the management entity that will administer the proposed national heritage area. (4) A list of the initial partners to be involved in developing and implementing the management plan for the proposed national heritage area, and a statement of the financial commitment of the partners. (5) A description of the role of the State of Tennessee. (b) PREPARATION OF AND ACTIONS CALLED FOR IN COMPACT.— The compact shall be prepared with public participation. Actions called for in the compact shall be likely to be initiated within a reasonable time after designation of the proposed national heritage area and shall ensure effective implementation of the State and local aspects of the compact. (c) APPROVAL AND DISAPPROVAL OF COMPACTS.— (1) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary, in consultation with the Governor of Tennessee, shall approve or disapprove the proposed compact not later than 90 days after receiving such compact. (2) PROCEDURES IF DISAPPROVED. —I f the Secretary disapproves a proposed compact, the Secretary shall advise, in writing, of the reasons for the disapproval and shall make recommendations for revisions of the proposed compact. The Secretary shall approve or disapprove a proposed revision to such a compact within 90 days after the date on which the revision is submitted to the Secretary. SEC. 205. MANAGEMENT. (a) MANAGEMENT PLANS. —^A management plan submitted under this title for the national heritage area shall present comprehensive recommendations for the conservation, funding, management, and development of the area. The management plan shall— (1) be prepared with public participation; (2) take into consideration existing Federal, State, county, and local plans and involve residents, public agencies, and private organizations in the area;