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110 STAT. 4472 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS^JUNE 13, 1996 poor and therefore are more likely to receive welfare benefits than children from two-parent families; and (3) high rates of out-of-wedlock births are associated with a host of other social pathologies; for example, children of single mothers are twice as likely to drop out of high school; boys whose fathers are absent are more likely to engage in criminal activities; and girls in single-parent families are three times more likely to have children out of wedlock themselves, (b) It is the sense of Congress that any comprehensive legislation sent to the President that balances the budget by a certain date and that includes welfare reform provisions and that is agreed to by Congress and the President shall also contain to the mgiximum extent possible a strategy for reducing the rate of out-of-wedlock births and encouraging family formation. SEC. 421. SENSE OF CONGRESS ON FCC SPECTRUM AUCTIONS. It is the sense of Congress that— (1) the Congressional Budget Office has scored revenue expected to be raised from the auction of Federal Communications Commission licenses for various services; (2) for budget scoring purposes, Congress has assumed that such auctions would occur in a prompt and expeditious manner and that revenue raised by such auctions would flow to the Federal treasury; (3) this resolution assumes that the revenue to be raised from auctions totals billions of dollars; (4) this resolution makes assumptions that services would be auctioned where the Federal Communications Commission has not yet conducted auctions for such services, such as Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS), licenses for paging services, final broadband PCS licenses, narrow band PCS licenses, licenses for unserved cellular, and Digital Audio Radio (DARS), and other subscription services, revenue from which has been assumed in Congressional budgetary calculations and in determining the level of the deficit; and (5) the Commission's service rules can dramatically affect license values and auction revenues and therefore the Commission should act expeditiously and without further delay to conduct auctions of licenses in a manner that maximizes revenue, increases efficiency, and enhances competition. SEC. 422. SENSE OF THE HOUSE ON EMERGENCIES. (a) FINDINGS. —The House of Representatives finds that: (1) The Budget Enforcement Act of 1990 exempted from the discretionary spending limits and the Pay-As-You-Go requirements for entitlement and tax legislation funding requirements that are designated by Congress and the President as an emergency. (2) Congress and the President have increasingly misused the emergency designation by— (A) designating as emergencies funding requirements that are predictable and do not pose a threat to life, property, or national security, (B) designating emergencies with the sole purpose of circumventing statutory and congressional spending limitations, and (C) adding to emergency legislation controversial items that would not otherwise withstand public scrutiny.