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110 STAT. 4490 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS—SEPT. 25, 1996 States assistance to the Ukraine should leverage private-sector involvement as much as possible; (10) the President of the United States should urge that the Government of the Russian Federation, in line with the assurances for the security of Ukraine made by the President of the Russian Federation in the January 1994 Trilateral Statement on Nuclear Disarmament in Ukraine, offer Ukraine its promised highest possible cooperation, fully and finally recognizing Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and refraining from any economic coercion of Ukraine; (11) the Government of Ukraine should continue to act in defense of its sovereignty and that of the other independent states of the former Soviet Union by opposing the emergence of any political or military organization which would have the potential to promote the reintegration of the states of the former Soviet Union; (12) the President of the United States should ensure that Ukraine's national security interests are fully considered in any review of European security arrangements and understandings; (13) the President of the United States should support continued United States security assistance for Ukraine, including assistance for training of military officers, military exercises as part of the North Atlantic Alliance's Partnership for Peace program, and appropriate military equipment to assist Ukraine in maintaining its defensive capabilities as it reduces its military force levels; (14) the President of the United States should ensure the United States Government's continued efforts to assist Ukraine in its accession to the World Trade Organization; and should ensure, in particular, that the potential for aerospace and space cooperation and commerce between the United States and Ukraine is fully and appropriately exploited; and (15) as a leader of the democratic nations of the world, the United States should continue to support the people of Ukraine in their struggle to bring peace, prosperity, and democracy to Ukraine and to the other independent states of the former Soviet Union. Agreed to September 18, 1996. Sept. 25, 1996 MARTIN PANG^EXTRADITION FROM BRAZIL [H. Con. Res. 132] Relating to the trial of Martin Pang for arson and felony murder. Whereas it is alleged that Martin Pang intentionally started a warehouse fire in Seattle, Washington on January 5, 1995, that killed four firefighters; Whereas shortly thereafter Martin Pang fled to Brazil from where he was extradited to the United States on March 1, 1996; Whereas the extradition decision of the Supreme Court of Brazil states that Martin Pang should stand trial in the United States only for arson and not for felony murder; and