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"•:»• ' PUBLIC LAW 105-105—NOV. 20, 1997 111 STAT. 2239 of the ACT Basin Commission unanimously agree to allow a single 45 day period in which the non-voting Federal Commissioner and the voting State Commissioners may renegotiate an allocation formula and the Federal Commissioner withdraws the letter of nonconcurrence upon completion of this renegotiation. "(b) If the Compact is terminated in accordance with this Article it shall be of no further force and effect and shall not be the subject of any proceeding for the enforcement thereof in any federal or state court. Further, if so terminated, no party shall be deemed to have acquired a specific right to any quantity of water because it has become a signatory to this Com-pact. "ARTICLE IX " COMPLETION OF STUDIES PENDING ADOPTION OF ALLOCATION FORMULA "The ACT Basin Commission, in conjunction with one or more interstate, federal, state or local agencies, is hereby authorized to participate in any study in process as of the effective date of this Compact, including, without limitation, all or any part of the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa/Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin Comprehensive Water Resource Study, as may be determined by the Commission in its sole discretion. " ARTICLE X "RELATIONSHIP TO OTHER LAWS "(a) It is the intent of the party states and of the United States Congress by ratifying this Compact, that all state and federal officials enforcing, implementing or administering other state and federal laws affecting the ACT Basin shall, to the maximum extent practicable, enforce, implement or administer those laws in furtherance of the purposes of this Compact and the allocation formula adopted by the Commission insofar as such actions are not in conflict with applicable federal laws. "(b) Nothing contained in this Compact shall be deemed to restrict the executive powers of the President in the event of a national emergency. "(c) Nothing contained in this Compact shall impair or affect the constitutional authority of the United States or any of its powers, rights, functions or jurisdiction under other existing or future laws in and over the area or waters which are the subject of the Compact, including projects of the Commission, nor shall any act of the Commission have the effect of repealing, modifying or amending any federal law. All officers, agencies and instrumentalities of the United States shall exercise their powers and authority over water resources in the ACT Basin and water resource facilities, and to the msiximum extent practicable, shall exercise their discretion in carrying out their responsibilities, powers, and authorities over water resources in the ACT Basin and water resource facilities in the ACT Basin in a manner consistent with and that effectuates the allocation formula developed pursuant to this Compact or any modification of the allocation formula so long as the actions are not in conflict with any applicable federal law. The United States Army Corps of Engineers, or its successors, and all other federal agencies and instrumentalities shall cooperate