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PROCLAMATION TOll^JUNE 30, 1997 111 STAT. 2933 Annex I (continued) -6- Section B. (con.) (12). Subheading 8431.39.00 Is superseded by: [Part* *u<t*bt* for utt toltty or pr1nc<p«l(y with th* Mchlntry of htadings K2S to B430:l lOf Mchlntry of htwllr« M28:l "M31.39 Othtr: 6431.39.(0 Of MitoMttd MchlnM for transport, handllna end (torof* of tea)conductor Mofcrs, uaftr cMMttm, uafor boxes and other •atarial for saalconductor devfcas Set section A Free («,U,E,IL, SSS of «nn*ii II J,HX) to this preclaaation Other tee section A Free (*,t.U,E, 3SX> of Amex It IL.J.NX) to this precleestion (13). Subheadings 8AS(.10.S0 and 8456.99.50 are superseded and the following Inserted, in nunerlcal sequence, in lieu thereof: CMachine tools for uorkini any...:] (Qparatad by laser or other liiht or...:] "Other: •4S 6.1 0.60 For use in the production of SMifconductor mfers; lasarcuttars for cuttint contactinfl tracks in sMicanducter production Set taction A Fro* (*,CA,t,ll, 3SS of Annex II J.HX) to this proclamation a«S t.1 0.80 Other Sc* taction A Free (A,CA.E.II, 3SX* of Annex 11 J,l«l) to this proclamation lOthar:) COther:) •Other: MM.99.7a For strlppinf and cleaninf saeieenducter uefers See section A Free (A,CA,(,ll, SSZ of Annax II J,NX) to this proclamation 8«S«. 99.«0 Other See saction A Free (A.CA.f.lL, SSX* of Amax II J, m) to this proclamation (14). The article description for subheading 8456.99.10 is modified by deleting the word "designed', and by deleting the expression "of sealconductor device designs" and inserting in lieu thereof "for patterns on seaiconductor devices". (IS). Subheadings 8462.21.00 and 8462.29.00 are superseded by: INachina tools (includinf presses) for...:) Ctandint, fotdint, stral#itenint er...:) "M6 2. 21 Mmrlcally cantralltd: WM.Il.tO For bandinf, feldinf end straiihtanint aeeicanducter leads... Sae section A Free (A.CA.CK. JOS of Amcx II J. W) to this preelaaatian MM.II.n Other 4.«S Free (A.M.CIl. lOS

'.HI) 6462. 29 Other: 646 2.29.40 For bandinf. feldinf end streifhtaninf seaiicanductar leads... tea sectian A Free (A.CA,t,ll. SOX of Annex II J.MK) ta this proctasatisn 6462.29.80 Other 4.4 S Fra* (A.CA.C.U, 30S" J.W)