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Ill STAT. 2954 PROCLAMATION 7011—JUNE 30, 1997 Annex I (continued) -27- Secclon C. (con.) (10). Subheadings 8514.10. 8514.10.40, 8514.10.80. 8514.20, 8514.20.40. 8514.20.80, 8514.90, 8514.90.40 and 8514.90.80 are superseded and the following inserted, in nunerical sequence, in lieu thereof: [Induttrial or laboratory a(tctrfe...:l "tSU.10.00 Icaittanct haatad furnacM and evtra Fra* 35X <SU.20.00 Induction ordiatactric fumaca* and evant F rao 3!X tSU.90. 00 Far ti F raa 35X" (11). Subheadings 8515.80. 8515.80.40 and 8515.80.80 are superseded by: Klactric (inetudlna clactrfcalty...:] •t SIS.M. OO Other Mchinaa and apparatus Free XX" (12). Subheadings 8524.99.60 (and the imiediately preceding text "Other:*) and 8524.99.90 are superseded by: nacorda, tapas and ethar racerdad aadia...:) tOthar:) tOthar:] >>S2«.99.«0 Pthar Fra* tt.U/tf of racerdint surface* (13). Subheadings 8525.20.24 (and the immediately preceding text 'Low-power radiotelephonic transceivers operating on frequencies from 49.82 to 49.90 KHz:") and 8525.20.28 are superseded by: Oranuiittien apparatus for...:) IT ran sca ivars:] "CSZS.20.20 lOH-pou*r radietalaphonic transcaivars eparstins en fraquanelas «raaiM.t2 to t9.90 mz Free 3$X " (14). Subheadings 8529.90.22, 8529.90.24, 8529.90.74, 8529.90.77, 8529.90.84 and 8529.90.87 are superseded and the following inserted, in nunerical sequence, in lieu thereof: CFartt suitabta far us* solaly or...:] lOthcr:] (Printad circuit assaablias:] •8S29.90.25 Other Fra * SSX" (Other, parts of printad circuit

        • at>li*s, including..,:!

"8529.90.76 Otli*r Fr»* 3SX" (Other parts of articles of Iwadints aS2S and 8S27. *iic*pt...:3 Oth*r Fr ** J5X " (15). Subchapter X to chapter 98 Is modified by deleting from subdivision (a)(xlii) of U.S. note 6 to such subchapter "8424.90.80" and inserting "8424.90.90" in lieu thereof.