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112 STAT. 1938 PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 require to be delivered (under all contracts) in any 12-month period will be sufficient to enable the prime contractor to maintain a minimum economic production level; (2) that the total cost to the Army of the procurements under the prime and second-source contracts over the period of those contracts will be the same as or lower than the amount that would be the total cost of the procurements if only one such contract were awarded; and (3) that the vehicles to be produced under those contracts will be produced with common components that will be interchangeable among similarly configured models. SEC. 113. ARMORED SYSTEM MODERNIZATION. (a) FUNDING.—Of the funds appropriated pursuant to the authorization of appropriations in section 101(3) for Ml Abrams Tank Modifications— (1) $14,300,000 shall be obligated for procurements associated with the MIAID Applique Integration Program, of which no more than $11,400,000 may be obligated before the end of the 30-day period beginning on the date on which the Secretary of the Army submits the report required under subsection (b); and (2) $6,000,000 shall be obligated to develop a M1A2 risk reduction program. (b) REPORT. —(1) Not later than January 31, 1999, the Secretary of the Army shall submit to the congressional defense committees a report on Army armored system modernization programs. The report shall include— (A) an assessment of the current acquisition and fielding strategy of the Army for the Ml Abrams Tank and M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle; and (B) a description and assessment of alternatives to that strategy, including an assessment of an alternative fielding strategy that provides for placing all of the armored vehicles configured in the latest variant into one heavy corps. (2) The assessment of each alternative acquisition and fielding strategy under paragraph (1)(B) shall include the following: (A) The relative effects of that strategy on warfighting capabilities in terms of operational effectiveness and training and support efficiencies, taking into consideration the joint warfighting context. (B) How that strategy would facilitate the transition to the Future Scout and Cavalry System, the Future Combat System, or other armored systems for the future force structure known as the Army After Next. (C) How that strategy fits into the context of overall armored system modernization through 2020. (D) Budgetary implications. (E) Implications for the national technology and industrial base. (F) Innovative techniques and alternatives for maintaining M1A2 System Enhancement Program production. (3) The Secretary shall include in the report a draft of any legislation that may be required to execute a given alternative for M1A2 System Enhancement Program production. (c) GAG EVALUATION.—The Comptroller General shall review the report of the Secretary of the Army under subsection (b) and,