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112 STAT. 2114 PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 (1) The amounts of unexpended balances, as of the end of fiscal year 1998, of funds appropriated for fiscal years before fiscal year 1999 for payments for those budgets. (2) The amount authorized to be appropriated under section 301(1) that is available for contributions for the NATO commonfunded military budget under section 314. (3) The amount authorized to be appropriated under section 201 that is available for contribution for the NATO commonfunded civil budget under section 243. (4) The total amount of the contributions authorized to be made under section 2501. (c) DEFINITIONS. —For purposes of this section: (1) COMMON-FUNDED BUDGETS OF NATO. — The term "common-funded budgets of NATO" means the Military Budget, the Security Investment Program, and the Civil Budget of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (and any successor or additional account or program of NATO). (2) FISCAL YEAR 1998 BASELINE LIMITATION.—The term "fiscal year 1998 baseline limitation" means the maximum annual amount of Department of Defense contributions for commonfunded budgets of NATO that is set forth as the annual limitation in section 3(2)(C)(ii) of the resolution of the Senate giving the advice and consent of the Senate to the ratification of the Protocols to the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 on the Accession of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic (as defined in section 4(7) of that resolution), approved by the Senate on April 30, 1998. SEC. 1007. LIQUIDITY OF WORKING-CAPITAL FUNDS. (a) INCREASED CASH BALANCES. — The Secretary of Defense shall administer the working-capital funds of the Department of Defense during fiscal year 1999 so as to ensure that the total amount of the cash balances in such funds on September 30, 1999, exceeds the total amount of the cash balances in such funds on September 30, 1998, by $1,300,000,000. (b) ACTIONS REGARDING UNBUDGETED LOSSES.—The Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) shall take such actions regarding unbudgeted losses for the working-capital funds as may be necessary in order to ensure that such unbudgeted losses do not preclude the Secretary of Defense from achieving the increase in cash balances in working-capital funds required under subsection (a). (c) WAIVER.—(1) The Secretary of Defense may waive the requirements of this section upon certifying to Congress, in writing, that the waiver is necessary to meet requirements associated with— (A) a contingency operation (as defined in section 101(a)(13) of title 10, United States Code); or (B) an operation of the Armed Forces that commenced before October 1, 1998, and continues during fiscal year 1999. (2) The waiver authority under paragraph (1) may not be delegated to any official other than the Deputy Secretary of Defense. (3) The waiver authority under paragraph (1) does not apply to the limitation in subsection (d) or the limitation in section 2208(1)(3) of title 10, United States Code (as added by subsection (e)). (d) FISCAL YEAR 1999 LIMITATION ON ADVANCE BILLINGS. — (1) The total amount of the advance billings rendered or imposed