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- . *r-^-' PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 112 STAT. 2163 (1) Conducting with Russia any peacekeeping exercise or other peacekeeping-related activity. (2) Provision of housing. (3) Provision of assistance to promote environmental restoration. (4) Provision of assistance to promote job retraining. (b) LIMITATION WITH RESPECT TO DEFENSE CONVERSION ASSIST- ANCE.— None of the funds appropriated pursuant to this Act may be obligated or expended for the provision of assistance to Russia or any other state of the former Soviet Union to promote defense conversion. SEC. 1304. LIMITATION ON USE OF FUNDS FOR CHEMICAL WEAPONS 22 USC 5952 DESTRUCTION ACTIVITIES IN RUSSIA. note. (a) LIMITATION. —Subject to the limitation in section 1405(b) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998 (Public Law 105-85; 111 Stat. 1961), no funds authorized to be appropriated for Cooperative Threat Reduction programs under this Act or any other Act may be obligated or expended for chemical weapons destruction activities in Russia (including activities for the planning, design, or construction of a chemical weapons destruction facility or for the dismantlement of an existing chemical weapons production facility) until the President submits to Congress a written certification described in subsection (b). (b) PRESIDENTIAL CERTIFICATION. —^A certification under this subsection is either of the following certifications by the President: (1) A certification that— (A) Russia is making reasonable progress toward the implementation of the Bilateral Destruction Agreement; (B) the United States and Russia have made substantial progress toward the resolution, to the satisfaction of the United States, of outstanding compliance issues under the Wyoming Memorandum of Understanding and the Bilateral Destruction Agreement; and (C) Russia has fully and accurately declared all information regarding its unitary and binary chemical weapons, chemical weapons facilities, and other facilities associated with chemical weapons. (2) A certification that the national security interests of the United States could be undermined by a policy of the United States not to carry out chemical weapons destruction activities under Cooperative Threat Reduction programs for which funds are authorized to be appropriated under this Act or any other Act for fiscal year 1999. (c) DEFINITIONS. —In this section: (1) The term "Bilateral Destruction Agreement" means the Agreement Between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Destruction and Nonproduction of Chemical Weapons and on Measures to Facilitate the Multilateral Convention on Banning Chemical Weapons signed on June 1, 1990. (2) The term "Wyoming Memorandum of Understanding" means the Memorandum of Understanding Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Regarding a Bilateral Verification Experiment and Data Exchange Related