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PUBLIC LAW 105-261—OCT. 17, 1998 112 STAT. 2167 SEC. 1309. REPORT ON INDIVIDUALS WITH EXPERTISE IN FORMER SOVIET WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION PROGRAMS. Not later than January 31, 1999, the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Energy, and any other appropriate officials, shall submit to the congressional defense committees a report on the number of individuals in the former Soviet Union who have significant expertise in the research, development, production, testing, and operational employment of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction. The report shall contain the following: (1) A listing of the specific expertise of the individuals, by category and discipline. (2) An assessment of which categories of expertise would pose the greatest risks to the security of the United States if that expertise were transferred to potentially hostile states. (3) An estimate, by category, of the number of the individuals in paragraph (1) who are fully or partly employed at the time the report is submitted by the military-industrial complex of the former Soviet Union, the number of such individuals who are fully employed at the time the report is submitted by commercial ventures outside the military-industrial complex 01 the former Soviet Union, and the number of such individuals who are unemployed and underemployed at the time the report is submitted. (4) An identification of the nature, scope, and cost of activities conducted by the United States and other countries to assist in the employment in nonproliferation and nonmilitary- related endeavors and enterprises of individuals involved in the weapons complex of the former Soviet Union, and which categories of individuals are being targeted in these efforts. (5) An assessment of whether the activities identified under paragraph (4) should be reduced, maintmned, or expanded. TITLE XIV—DOMESTIC PREPAREDNESS Defense Against FOR DEFENSE AGAINST WEAPONS OF SSi^nAcT' MASS DESTRUCTION '"' Sec. 1401. Short title. Sec. 1402. Domestic preparedness for response to threats of terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction. Sec. 1403. Report on domestic emergency preparedness. Sec. 1404. Threat and risk assessments. Sec. 1405. Advisory panel to assess domestic response capabilities for terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction. SEC. 1401. SHORT TITLE. 50 USC 2301 This title may be cited as the "Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction Act of 1998". SEC. 1402. DOMESTIC PREPAREDNESS FOR RESPONSE TO THREATS 50 USC 2301 OF TERRORIST USE OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUC- ° ote TION. (a) ENHANCED RESPONSE CAPABILITY.— In Ught of the continuing potential for terrorist use of weapons of masjs destruction agsdnst the United States and the need to develop a more fully coordinated response to that threat on the part of Federal, State, and local agencies, the President shall act to increase the effectiveness at