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PUBLIC LAW 105-276—OCT. 21, 1998 112 STAT. 2519 (b) TABLE OF CONTENTS.— The table of contents for this title is as follows: TITLE V—PUBLIC HOUSING AND TENANT-BASED ASSISTANCE REFORM Sec. 501. Short title and table of contents. Sec. 502. Findings and purposes. Sec. 503. Effective date and regulations. Subtitle A—General Provisions Sec. 505. Declaration of policy and public housing agency organization. Sec. 506. Definitions. Sec. 507. Minimum rent. Sec. 508. Determination of adjusted income and median income. Sec. 509. Family self-sufficiency program. Sec. 510. Prohibition on use of funds. Sec. 511. Public housing agency plan. Sec. 512. Community service and family self-sufficiency requirements. Sec. 513. Income targeting. Sec. 514. Repeal of Federal preferences. Sec. 515. Joint ventures and consortia of public housing agencies; repeal of energy conservation provisions. Sec. 516. Public housing agency mortgages and sectuity interests. Sec. 517. Mental health action plan. Subtitle B—Public Housing PART 1—CAPITAL AND OPERATING ASSISTANCE Sec. 518. Contributions for lower income housing projects. Sec. 519. Public housing capital and operating funds. Sec. 520. Total development costs. Sec. 521. Sanctions for improper use of amounts. Sec. 522. Repeal of modernization fund. PART 2—ADMISSIONS AND OCCUPANCY REQUIREMENTS Sec. 523. Family choice of rental payment. Sec. 524. Occupancy by police officers and over-income families. Sec. 525. Site-based waiting lists. Sec. 526. Pet ownership. PART 3—MANAGEMENT, HOMEOWNERSHIP, AND DEMOLITION AND DISPOSITION Sec. 529. Contract provisions. Sec. 530. Housing quality requirements. Sec. 531. Demolition and disposition of public housing. Sec. 532. Resident councils and resident management corporations. Sec. 533. Conversion of public housing to vouchers; repeal of family investment centers. Sec. 534. Transfer of management of certain housing to independent manager at request of residents. Sec. 535. DemoUtion, site revitalization, replacement housing, and tenant-based assistance grants for projects. Sec. 536. Homeownership. Sec. 537. Required conversion of distressed public housing to tenant-based assistance. Sec. 538. Linking services to public housing residents. Sec. 539. Mixed-finance public housing. Subtitle C—Section 8 Rental and Homeownership Assistance Sec. 545. Merger of certificate and voucher programs. Sec. 546. Public housing agencies. Sec. 547. Administrative fees. Sec. 548. Law enforcement and security personnel in assisted housing. Sec. 549. Advance notice to tenants of expiration, termination, or owner nonrenewal of assistance contract. Sec. 550. Technical and conforming amendments. Sec. 551. Funding and allocation. Sec. 552. Treatment of common areas. Sec. 553. Portability. Sec. 554. Leasing to voucher holders. Sec. 555. Homeownership option.