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112 STAT. 2790 PUBLIC LAW 105-292—OCT. 27, 1998 International Financial Institutions Act of 1977, and in other formulations of United States human rights policy. (3) To be vigorous and flexible, reflecting both the unwavering commitment of the United States to religious freedom and the desire of the United States for the most effective and principled response, in light of the range of violations of religious freedom by a variety of persecuting regimes, and the status of the relations of the United States with different nations. (4) To work with foreign governments that affirm and protect religious freedom, in order to develop multilateral documents and initiatives to combat violations of religious freedom and promote the right to religious freedom abroad. (5) Standing for liberty and standing with the persecuted, to use and implement appropriate tools in the United States foreign policy apparatus, including diplomatic, political, commercial, charitable, educational, and cultural channels, to promote respect for religious freedom by all governments and peoples. 22 USC 6402. SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS. In this Act: (1) AMBASSADOR AT LARGE.— The term "Ambassador at Large" means the Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom appointed under section 101(b). (2) ANNUAL REPORT.— The term "Annual Report" means the Annual Report on International Religious Freedom described in section 102(b). (3) APPROPRLVTE CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES. —The term "appropriate congressional committees" means— (A) the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate and the Committee on International Relations of the House of Representatives; and (B) in the case of any determination made with respect to the talking of President action under paragraphs (9) through (15) of section 405(a), the term includes the committees described in subparagraph (A) and, where appropriate, the Committee on Banking and Financial Services of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs of the Senate. (4) COMMENSURATE ACTION.— The term "commensurate action" means action taken by the President under section 405(b). (5) COMMISSION.— The term "Commission" means the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom established in section 201(a). (6) COUNTRY REPORTS ON HUMAN RIGHTS PRACTICES.— The term "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices" means the annual reports required to be submitted by the Department of State to Congress under sections 116(d) and 502B(b) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. (7) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. —The term "Executive Summary" means the Executive Summary to the Annual Report, as described in section 102(b)(1)(F). (8) GOVERNMENT OR FOREIGN GOVERNMENT.— The term "government" or "foreign government" includes any agency or instrumentality of the government.