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X 112 STAT. 2796 PUBLIC LAW 105-292—OCT. 27, 1998 Service oflEicers abroad shall seek to meet with imprisoned religious leaders where appropriate and beneficial. 22 USC 6415. SEC. 106. PROGRAMS AND ALLOCATIONS OF FUNDS BY UNITED STATES MISSIONS ABROAD. It is the sense of the Congress that— (1) United States diplomatic missions in countries the governments of which engage in or tolerate violations of the internationaly recognized right to freedom of religion should develop, as part of annual program planning, a strategy to promote respect for the internationaly recognized right to freedom of religion; and (2) in allocating or recommending the allocation of funds or the recommendation of candidates for programs and grants funded by the United States Government, United States diplomatic missions should give particular consideration to those programs and candidates deemed to assist in the promotion of the right to religious freedom. 22 USC 6416. SEC. 107. EQUAL ACCESS TO UNITED STATES MISSIONS ABROAD FOR CONDUCTING RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES. (a) IN GENERAL. —Subject to this section, the Secretary of State shall permit, on terms no less favorable than that accorded other nongovernmental activities unrelated to the conduct of the diplomatic mission, access to the premises of any United States diplomatic mission or consular post by any United States citizen seeking to conduct an activity for religious purposes. (b) TIMING AND LOCATION.— The Secretary of State shall make reasonable accommodations with respect to the timing and location of such access in light of— (1) the number of United States citizens requesting the access (including any particular religious concerns regarding the time of day, date, or physical setting for services); (2) conflicts with official activities and other nonofificial United States citizen requests; (3) the availability of openly conducted, organized religious services outside the premises of the mission or post; (4) availability of space and resources; and (5) necessary security precautions. (c) DISCRETIONARY ACCESS FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS.—The Secretary of State may permit access to the premises of a United States diplomatic mission or consular post to foreign nationals for the purpose of attending or participating in religious activities conducted pursuant to this section. 22 USC 6417. SEC. 108. PRISONER LISTS AND ISSUE BRIEFS ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM CONCERNS. (a) SENSE OF THE CONGRESS.— To encourage involvement with religious freedom concerns at every possible opportunity and by all appropriate representatives of the United States Government, it is the sense of the Congress that officials of the executive branch of Government should promote increased advocacy on such issues during meetings between foreign dignitaries and executive branch officios or Members of Congress. (b) PRISONER LISTS AND ISSUE BRIEFS ON RELIGIOUS FREEDOM CONCERNS.— The Secretary of State, in consultation with the Ambassador at Large, the Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, United States chiefs of mission