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PUBLIC LAW 106-65—OCT. 5, 1999 113 STAT. 525 Sec. 2812. Enhancement of authority relating to utility privatization. Sec. 2813. Acceptance of funds to cover administrative expenses relating to certain real property tra nsactions. Sec. 2814. Operations of Naval Academy dairy farm. Sec. 2815. Study and report on impacts to military readiness of proposed land management changes on public lands in Utah. Sec. 2816. Designation of missile intelligence building at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, as the Richard C. Shelby Center for Missile Intelligence. Subtitle C—Defense Base Closure and Realignment Sec. 2821. Economic development conveyances of base closure property. Sec. 2822. Continuation of authority to use Department of Defense Base Closure Account 1990 for activities required to close or realign military installations. Subtitle D—Land Conveyances PART I—ARMY CONVEYANCES Sec. 2831. Transfer of jurisdiction, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Sec. 2832. Land exchange, Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois. Sec. 2833. Land conveyance. Army Reserve Center, Bangor, Maine. Sec. 2834. Land conveyance. Army Reserve Center, Kankakee, Illinois. Sec. 2835. Land conveyance. Army Reserve Center, Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Sec. 2836. Land conveyance. Army Maintenance Support Activity (Marine) Number 84, Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. Sec. 2837. Land conveyances. Army d.ocks and related property, Alaska. Sec. 2838. Land conveyance. Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Sec. 2839. Land conveyance, Nike Battery 80 family housing site. East Hanover Township, New Jersey. Sec. 2840. Land conveyances. Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant, Minnesota. Sec. 2841. Repair and conveyance of Red Butte Dam and Reservoir, Salt Lake City, Utah. Sec. 2842. Modification of land conveyance, Joliet Army Ammunition Plant, Illinois. PART II—NAVY CONVEYANCES Sec. 2851. Land conveyance, Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant No. 387, Dallas, Texas. Sec. 2852. Land conveyance, Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina. Sec. 2853. Land conveyance, Newport, Rhode Island. Sec. 2854. Land conveyance, Naval Training Center, Orlando, Florida. Sec. 2855. One-year delay in demolition of radio transmitting facility towers at Naval Station, Annapolis, Maryland, to facilitate conveyance of towers. Sec. 2856. Clarification of land exchange. Naval Reserve Readiness Center, Portland, Maine. Sec. 2857. Revision to lease authority. Naval Air Station, Meridian, Mississippi. Sec. 2858. Land conveyances, Norfolk, Virginia. PART III—AIR FORCE CONVEYANCES Sec. 2861. Land conveyance, Newington Defense Fuel Supply Point, New Hampshire. Sec. 2862. Land conveyance, Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. Sec. 2863. Land conveyance, Port of Anchorage, Alaska. Sec. 2864. Land conveyance, Forestport Test Annex, New York. Sec. 2865. Land conveyance, McClellan Nuclear Radiation Center, California. Subtitle E—Other Matters Sec. 2871. Acceptance of guarantees in connection with gifts to military service academies. Sec. 2872. Acquisition of State-held inholdings, east range of Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Sec. 2873. Enhancement of Pentagon renovation activities. Subtitle F—Expansion of Arlington National Cemetery Sec. 2881. Transfer from Navy Annex, Arlington, Virginia. Sec. 2882. Transfer from Fort Myer, Arlington, Virginia. TITLE XXIX—COMMISSION ON NATIONAL MILITARY MUSEUM Sec. 2901. Establishment. Sec. 2902. Duties of Commission.