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Xll LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS PUBLIC LAW 106-125.... To designate the United States Postal Service bxiilding located at 34480 Highway 101 South in Cloverdale, Oregon, as the "Maunne B. Neuberger United States Post Office". 106-126.... To require the Secretary of the Treasury to mint coins in conjunction with the minting of coins by the Republic of Iceland in commemoration of the millennium of the discovery of the New World by Leif Ericson. 106-127.... Appointing the day for the convening of the second session of the One Hundred Sixth Congress. 106-128.... To direct the Secretary of the Interior to make corrections to a map relating to the Coastal Barrier Resoiirces System. 106-129.... Healthcare Research and Quality Act of 1999 106^130.... To provide for the holding of court at Natchez, Mississippi, in the same manner as coiut is held at Vicksb\irg, Mississippi, and for other purposes. 106-131.... Gateway Visitor Center Authorization Act of 1999 106-132.... To designate a portion of Gateway National Recreation Area as "World War Veterans Park at Miller Field". 106-133.... Arizona Statehood and Enabling Act Amendments of 1999 106-134.... To amend the Act that established the Keweenaw National Historical Park to require the Secretary of the Interior to consider nominees of various local interests in appointing members of the Keweenaw National Historical Park Advisory Commission. 106-135.... Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail Study Act of 1999. 106-136.... Perkins County Rural Water System Act of 1999 106-137.... Concerning the participation of Taiwan in the World Health Organization (WHO). 106-138.... Terry Peak Land Transfer Act of 1999 106-139.... To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide that an adopted mien who is less than 18 years of age may be considered a child under such Act if adopted with or after a sibling who is a child under such Act. 106-140.... To amend the Central Utah Project Completion Act to Provide for acquisition of water and water rights for lentral Utah Proiect piuposes, completion of Central Utah project facilities, and implementation of water conservation measures. 106-141.... State Flexibility Clarification Act 106-142.... Commending the World War II veterans who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and for other purposes. 106-143.... Four Comers Interpretive Center Act 106-144.... To direct the Secretary of Agriculture to convey to the city of Sisters, Oregon, a certain parcel of land for use in connection with a sewage treatment facility. 106-145.... Otay Mountain Wilderness Act of 1999 106-146.... Thomas Cole National Historic Site Act 106-147.... To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to transfer administrative jurisdiction over land within the boundaries of the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site to the Archivist of the United States for the construction of a visitor center. 106-148.... National Geologic Mapping Reauthorization Act of 1999... 106-149.... Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor Reauthorization Act of 1999. DATE PAGE Dec. 6, 1999 1642 Dec. 6, 1999 1643 Dec. 6, 1999 1651 Dec. 6, 1999 1652 Dec. 6, 1999 1653 Dec. 6, 1999 1677 Dec. 7, 1999 1678 Dec. 7, 1999 1681 Dec. 7, 1999 1682 Dec. 7, 1999 1684 Dec. 7, 1999 1685 Dec. 7, 1999 1688 Dec. 7, 1999 1691 Dec. 7, 1999 1693 Dec. 7, 1999 1696 Dec. 7, 1999 1698 Dec. 7, 1999 1699 Dec. 7, 1999 1701 Dec. 7, 1999 1703 Dec. 7, 1999 1708 Dec. 9, 1999 1711 Dec. 9, 1999 1714 Dec. 9, 1999 1717 Dec. 9, 1999 1719 Dec. 9, 1999 1726