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PUBLIC LAW 106-129—DEC. 6, 1999 113 STAT. 1675 SEC. 5. STUDY REGARDING SHORTAGES OF LICENSED PHARMACISTS. (a) IN GENERAL.— The Secretary of HeeJth and Human Services (in this section referred to as the "Secretary"), acting through the appropriate agencies of the Public Health Service, shall conduct a study to determine whether and to what extent there is a shortage of licensed pharmacists. In carrying out the study, the Secretary shall seek the comments of appropriate public and private entities regarding any such shortage. (b) REPORT TO CONGRESS.— Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall complete the study under subsection (a) and submit to the Congress a report that describes the findings made through the study and that contains a summary of the comments received by the Secretary pursuant to such subsection. SEC. 6. REPORT ON TELEMEDICINE. Not later than January 10, 2001, the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall submit to the Congress a report that— (1) identifies emy factors that inhibit the expansion and accessibility of telemedicine services, including factors relating to telemedicine networks; (2) identifies any factors that, in addition to geographical isolation, should be used to determine which patients need or require access to telemedicine care; (3) determines the extent to which— (A) patients receiving telemedicine service have benefited from the services, and are satisfied with the treatment received pursuant to the services; and (B) the medical outcomes for such patients would have differed if telemedicine services had not been available to the patients; (4) determines the extent to which physicians involved with telemedicine services have been satisfied with the medical aspects of the services; (5) determines the extent to which primary care physicians are enhancing their medical knowledge and experience through the interaction with specialists provided by telemedicine consultations; and (6) identifies legal £m.d mediced issues relating to State licensing of health professionals that are presented by telemedicine services, and provides any recommendations of the Secretary for responding to such issues. 42 USC 295k note. Deadline. 42 USC 254c. Deadline.