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PUBLIC LAW 106-148—DEC. 9, 1999 113 STAT. 1721 "(i) IN GENERAL.— The Federal component shall include interdisciplinary studies that add value to geologic mapping. " (ii) REPRESENTATIVE CATEGORIES.—Interdisciplinary studies under clause (i) may include— "(I) establishment of a national geologic map database under section 7; "(II) studies that lead to the implementation of cost-effective digital methods for the acquisition, compilation, analysis, cartographic production, and dissemination of geologic map information; "(III) paleontologic, geochrono-logic, and isotopic investigations that provide information critical to understanding the age and history of geologic map units; "(IV) geophysical investigations that assist in delineating gmd mapping the physical characteristics and 3-dimensional distribution of geologic materials and geologic structures; and "(V) geochemical investigations and analj^ical operations that characterize the composition of geologic map units. "(iii) USE OF RESULTS.— The results of investigations under clause (ii) shall be contributed to national databases. " (2) STATE COMPONENT.— "(A) IN GENERAL.—The geologic mapping program shall include a State geologic mapping component, the objective of which shall be to establish the geologic framework of areas determined to be vital to the economic, social, environmental, or scientific welfare of individual States. "(B) MAPPING PRIORITIES.— For the State component, mapping priorities— "(i) shall be determined by State panels representing a broad range of users of geologic maps; and "(ii) shall be based on— "(I) State requirements for geologic map information in areas of multiple-issue need or areas of compelling single-issue need; and "(II) State requirements for geologic map information in areas where mapping is required to solve critical earth science problems. " (C) INTEGRATION OF FEDERAL AND STATE PRIORITIES.— A national panel including representatives of the Survey shall integrate the State mapping priorities under this paragraph with the Federal mapping priorities under paragraph (1). "(D) USE OF FUNDS.— The Survey and recipients of grants under the State component shall not use more than 15.25 percent of the Federal funds made available under the State component for any fiscal year to pay indirect, servicing, or program management charges. "(E) FEDERAL SHARE. —The Federal share of the cost of activities under the State component for any fiscal year shall not exceed 50 percent. " (3) EDUCATION COMPONENT.—