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PUBLIC LAW 106-117 —NOV. 30, 1999 113 STAT. 1593 (d) INTEREST PAYMENTS. —Subsection (d) of such section is amended— (1) by inserting "(1)" after "(d)"; and (2) by adding at the end the following new paragraph: "(2) The interest required under the first sentence of paragraph (1) shall not be required for any period— "(A) during which a judge was separated from any service described in section 376(d)(2) of title 28; and "(B) during which the judge was not receiving retired pay based on service as a judge or receiving any retirement salary as described in section 376(d)(1) of title 28.". (e) SERVICE ELIGIBILITY.—(1) Subsection (f) of such section is amended— (A) in paragraph (1), in the matter preceding subparagraph (A)— (i) by striking "at least 5 years" and inserting "at least 18 months"; and (ii) by striking "last 5 years" and inserting "last 18 months"; and (B) by adding at the end the following new paragraph: "(5) If a judge dies as a result of an assassination and leaves a survivor or survivors who are otherwise entitled to receive annuity payments under this section, the 18-month requirement in the matter in paragraph (1) preceding subparagraph (A) shall not apply.". (2) Subsection (a) of such section is further amended— (A) in paragraph (2), by inserting "wtio is in active service or who has retired under section 7296 of this title" after "Court"; (B) in paragraph (3), by striking "7296(c)" and inserting "7296"; and (C) by adding at the end the follovdng new paragraph: "(8) The term 'assassination' as applied to a judge shall have the meaning provided that term in section 376(a)(7) of title 28 as applied to a judicial official.". (f) AGE REQUIREMENT OF SURVIVING SPOUSE. — Subsection (f) of such section is further amended by striking "or following the surviving spouse's attainment of the age of 50 years, whichever is the later" in paragraph (1)(A). SEC. 1024. LIMITATION ON ACTIVITIES OF RETIRIDD JUDGES. (a) IN GENERAL. —Chapter 72 is amend(3d by adding at the end the following new section: "§ 7299. Limitation on activities of retired Judges "(a) A retired judge of the Court who is recall-eligible under section 7257 of this title and who in the practice of law represents (or supervises or directs the representation of) a client in meiking any claim relating to veterans' benefits against the United States or any agency thereof shall, pursuant to such section, be considered to have declined recall service and be removed from the status of a recall-eligible judge. The pay of such a judge, pursuant to section 7296 of this title, shall be the pay of the judge at the time of the removal from recall status. "(b) A recall-eligible judge shall be considered to be an officer Applicability. or employee of the United States, but only during periods when the judge is serving in recall status. Any prohibition, limitation, or restriction that would otherwise apply to the activities of a