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114 STAT. 236 PUBLIC LAW 106-193—MAY 2, 2000 Establishment. (c) CONSULTATION. — The Secretary shall establish an advisory panel consisting of experts from industrial enterprises, institutions of higher education, and Federal agencies to— (1) advise the Secretary on potential applications of methane hydrate; (2) assist in developing recommendations and priorities for the methane hydrate research and development program carried out under subsection (a)(1); and Deadline. (3) not later than 2 years after the date of the enactment Reports. of this Act, and at such later dates as the panel considers advisable, submit to Congress a report on the anticipated impact on global climate change from— (A) methane hydrate formation; (B) methane hydrate degassing (including natural degassing and degassing associated with commercial development); and (C) the consumption of natural gas produced from methane hydrates. Not more than 25 percent of the individuals serving on the advisory panel shall be Federal employees. (d) LIMITATIONS.— (1) ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES. —Not more than 5 percent of the amount made available to carry out this section for a fiscal year may be used by the Secretary for expenses associated with the administration of the program carried out under subsection (a)(1). (2) CONSTRUCTION COSTS.— None of the funds made available to carry out this section may be used for the construction of a new building or the acquisition, expansion, remodeling, or alteration of an existing building (including site grading and improvement and architect fees). (e) RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE SECRETARY.—In carrying out subsection (b)(1), the Secretary shall— (1) facilitate and develop partnerships among government, industrial enterprises, and institutions of higher education to research, identify, assess, and explore methane hydrate resources; (2) undertake programs to develop basic information necessary for promoting long-term interest in methane hydrate resources as an energy source; (3) ensure that the data and information developed through the program are accessible and widely disseminated as needed and appropriate; (4) promote cooperation among agencies that are developing technologies that may hold promise for methane hydrate resource development; and Reports. (5) report annually to Congress on accomplishments under this section. SEC. 4. AMENDMENTS TO THE MINING AND MINERALS POLICY ACT OF 1970. Section 201 of the Mining and Minerals Policy Act of 1970 (30 U.S.C. 1901) is amended— (1) in paragraph (6)— (A) in subparagraph (F), by striking "and" at the end; (B) by redesignating subparagraph (G) as subparagraph (H); and