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114 STAT. 608 PUBLIC LAW 106-248^JULY 25, 2000 (2) preservation and development of the land and resources of the Preserve; (3) interpretation of the Preserve and its history for the public; (4) management of public use and occupancy of the Preserve; and (5) maintenance, rehabilitation, repair, and improvement of property within the Preserve. (c) AUTHORITIES.— (1) IN GENERAL.— The Trust shall develop programs and activities at the Preserve, and shall have the authority to negotiate directly and enter into such agreements, leases, contracts and other arrangements with any person, firm, association, organization, corporation or governmental entity, including without limitation, entities of Federal, State, and local governments, and consultation with Indian tribes and Pueblos, as are necessary and appropriate to carry out its authorized activities or fulfill the purposes of this title. Any such agreements may be entered into without regard to section 321 of the Act of June 30, 1932 (40 U.S.C. 303b). (2) PROCEDURES. — The Trust shall establish procedures for entering into lease agreements and other agreements for the use and occupancy of facilities of the Preserve. The procedures shall ensure reasonable competition, sind set guidelines for determining reasonable fees, terms, and conditions for such agreements. (3) LIMITATIONS. —The Trust may not dispose of any real property in, or convey any water rights appurtenant to the Preserve. The Trust may not convey any easement, or enter into any contract, lease, or other agreement related to use and occupancy of property within the Preserve for a period greater than 10 years. Any such easement, contract, lease, or other agreement shall provide that, upon termination of the Trust, such easement, contract, lease or agreement is terminated. (4) APPLICATION OF PROCUREMENT LAWS. — (A) IN GENERAL.— Notwithstanding any other provision of law. Federal laws and regulations governing procurement by Federal agencies shall not apply to the Trust, with the exception of laws and regulations related to Federal Government contracts governing health and safety requirements, wage rates, and civil rights. (B) PROCEDURES.— The Trust, in consultation with the Administrator of Federal Procurement Policy, Office of Management and Budget, shall establish and adopt procedures applicable to the Trust's procurement of goods and services, including the award of contracts on the basis of contractor qualifications, price, commercially reasonable buying practices, and reasonable competition. Deadline. (d) MANAGEMENT PROGRAM. —Within two years after assumption of management responsibilities for the Preserve, the Trust shall, in accordance with subsection (f), develop a comprehensive program for the management of lands, resources, and facilities within the Preserve to carry out the purposes under section 105(b). To the extent consistent with such purposes, such program shall provide for—