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PUBLIC LAW 106-377 —APPENDIX A 114 STAT. 1441A -43 Act, except that, notwithstanding any other provision of law, of the funds herein and hereafter appropriated under this heading for such special needs infrastructure grants, the Administrator may use up to 3 percent of the amount of each project appropriated to administer the management and oversight of construction of such projects through contracts, allocation to the Corps of Engineers, or grants to States; and $1,008,000,000 shall be for grants, including associated program support costs, to States, federally recognized tribes, interstate agencies, tribal consortia, and air pollution control agencies for multi-media or single media pollution prevention, control and abatement and related activities, including activities pursuant to the provisions set forth under this heading in Public Law 104-134, and for making grants under section 103 of the Clean Air Act for particulate matter monitoring and data collection activities: Provided, That notwithstanding section 603(d)(7) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, the limitation on the amounts in a State water pollution control revolving fund that may be used by a State to administer the fund shall not apply to amounts included as principal in loans made by such fund in fiscal year 2001 and prior years where such amounts represent costs of administering the fund to the extent that such amounts are or were deemed reasonable by the Administrator, accounted for separately from other assets in the fund, and used for eligible purposes of the fund, including administration: Provided further. That for fiscal year 2001, and notwithstanding section 518(f) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, the Administrator is authorized to use the amounts appropriated for any fiscal year under section 319 of that Act to make grants to Indian tribes pursuant to section 319(h) and 518(e) of that Act: Provided further, That for fiscal year 2001, notwithstanding the limitation on amounts in section 518(c) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended, up to a total of IV2 percent of the funds appropriated for State Revolving Funds under title VI of that Act may be reserved by the Administrator for grants under section 518(c) of such Act: Provided further, That no funds provided by this legislation to address the water, wastewater and other critical infrastructure needs of the colonias in the United States along the United States-Mexico border shall be made available after June 1, 2001 to a county or municipal government unless that government has established an enforceable local ordinance, or other zoning rule, which prevents in that jurisdiction the development or construction of any additional colonia areas, or the development within an existing colonia the construction of any new home, business, or other structure which lacks water, wastewater, or other necessary infrastructure: Provided further. That notwithstanding any other provision of law, all claims for principal and interest registered through any current grant dispute or any other such dispute hereafter filed by the Environmental Protection Agency relative to construction grants numbers C- 180840-01, C-180840-04, C -470319-03, and C-470319-04, are hereby resolved in favor of the grantee: Provided further, That EPA, in considering the local match for the $5,000,000 appropriated in fiscal year 1999 for the City of Cumberland, Maryland, to separate and relocate the city's combined sewer and stormwater system, shall take into account non-Federal money spent by the City of Cumberland for combined sewer, stormwater and wastewater treatment infrastructure on or after October 1, 1999, and that the