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PUBLIC LAW 106-398—APPENDIX 114 STAT. 1654A-361 "(B) provide assistance for fire prevention programs in accordance with paragraph (4). " (2) OFFICE FOR ADMINISTRATION OF ASSISTANCE. — "(A) ESTABLISHMENT.— Before providing assistance under paragraph (1), the Director shall establish an office in the Federal Emergency Management Agency to administer the assistance under this section. "(B) INCLUDED DUTIES.— The duties of the office shall include the following: "(i) RECIPIENT SELECTION CRITERIA.—To establish specific criteria for the selection of recipients of the assistance under this section. "(ii) GRANT-WRITING ASSISTANCE. — To provide grant-writing assistance to applicants. "(3) USE OF FIRE DEPARTMENT GRANT FUNDS. —The Director may make a grant under paragraph (1)(A) only if the applicant for the grant agrees to use the grant funds— "(A) to hire additional firefighting personnel; "(B) to train firefighting personnel in firefighting, emergency response, arson prevention and detection, or the handling of hazardous materials, or to train firefighting personnel to provide any of the training described in this subparagraph; "(C) to fund the creation of rapid intervention teams to protect firefighting personnel at the scenes of fires and other emergencies; "(D) to certify fire inspectors; "(E) to establish wellness and fitness programs for firefighting personnel to ensure that the firefighting personnel can carry out their duties; "(F) to fund emergency medical services provided by fire departments; "(G) to acquire additional firefighting vehicles, including fire trucks; "(H) to acquire additional firefighting equipment, including equipment for communications and monitoring; "(I) to acquire personal protective equipment required for firefighting personnel by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and other personal protective equipment for firefighting personnel; "(J) to modify fire stations, fire training facilities, and other facilities to protect the health and safety of firefighting personnel; "(K) to enforce fire codes; "(L) to fund fire prevention programs; "(M) to educate the public about arson prevention and detection; or "(N) to provide incentives for the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighting personnel for volunteer firefighting departments and other firefighting departments that utilize volunteers. "(4) FIRE PREVENTION PROGRAMS. — "(A) IN GENERAL.— For each fiscal year, the Director shall use not less than 5 percent of the funds made available under subsection (e)— "(i) to make grants to fire departments for the purpose described in paragraph (3)(L); and