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PUBLIC LAW 106-398 —APPENDIX 114 STAT. 1654A-411 SUBTITLE B—REAL PROPERTY AND FACILITIES ADMINISTRATION Sec. 2811. Increase in threshold for notice and wait requirements for real property tra nsactions. Sec. 2812. Enhancement of authority of military departments to lease non-excess property. Sec. 2813. Conveyance authority regarding utility systems of military departments. Sec. 2814. Permanent conveyance authority to improve property management. SUBTITLE C—DEFENSE BASE CLOSURE AND REALIGNMENT Sec. 2821. Scope of agreements to transfer property to redevelopment authorities without consideration under the base closure laws. SUBTITLE D—LAND CONVEYANCES PART I—^ARMY CONVEYANCES Sec. 2831. Transfer of jurisdiction, Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois. Sec. 2832. Land conveyance. Army Reserve Center, Galesburg, IlUnois. Sec. 2833. Land conveyance, Charles Melvin Price Support Center, Illinois. Sec. 2834. Land conveyance. Fort Riley, Kansas. Sec. 2835. Land conveyance. Fort Polk, Louisiana. Sec. 2836. Land conveyance, Army Reserve Center, Winona, Minnesota. Sec. 2837. Land conveyance. Fort Dix, New Jersey. Sec. 2838. Land conveyance, Nike Site 43, Elrama, Pennsylvania. Sec. 2839. Land exchange. Army Reserve Local Training Center, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sec. 2840. Land exchange, Fort Hood, Texas. Sec. 2841. Land conveyance. Fort Pickett, Virginia. Sec. 2842. Land conveyance. Fort Lawton, Washington. Sec. 2843. Land conveyance, Vancouver Barracks, Washington. PART II—^NAVY CONVEYANCES Sec. 2846. Modification of land conveyance. Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro, Cahfomia. Sec. 2847. Modification of authority for Oxnard Harbor District, Port Hueneme, California, to use certain Navy property. Sec. 2848. Transfer of jurisdiction. Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar, California. Sec. 2849. Land exchange. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, California. Sec. 2850. Lease of property. Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. Sec. 2851. Land conveyance. Naval Reserve Center, Tampa, Florida. Sec. 2852. Modification of land conveyance, Defense Fuel Supply Point, Casco Bay, Maine. Sec. 2853. Land conveyance. Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Cutler, Maine. Sec. 2854. Modification of land conveyance authority, former Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Cecil County, Maryland. Sec. 2855. Land conveyance. Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Sec. 2856. Land exchange. Naval Air Reserve Center, Columbus, Ohio. Sec. 2857. Land conveyance. Naval Station, Bremerton, Washington. PART III^AIR FORCE CONVEYANCES Sec. 2861. Land conveyance, Los Angeles Air Force Base, California. Sec. 2862. Land conveyance. Point Arena Air Force Station, California. Sec. 2863. Land conveyance, Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado. Sec. 2864. Land conveyance, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Sec. 2865. Modification of land conveyance, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota. Sec. 2866. Land conveyance, Mukilteo Tank Farm, Everett, Washington. PART FV—OTHER CONVEYANCES Sec. 2871. Land conveyance. Army and Air Force Exchange Service property, Farmers Branch, Texas. Sec. 2872. Land conveyance, former National Ground InteUigence Center, Charlottesville, Virginia. SUBTITLE E—OTHER MATTERS Sec. 2881. Relation of easement authority to leased parkland. Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California. Sec. 2882. Extension of demonstration project for purchase of fire, security, police, public works, and utility services from local government agencies. Sec. 2883. Acceptance and use of gifts for construction of third building at United States Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.