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PUBLIC LAW 106-402—OCT. 30, 2000 114 STAT. 1729 caregivers places a continually increasing demand on the finite service delivery systems of the States. (5) In 1996, 49 States provided family support initiatives in response to the needs of families of children with disabilities. Such initiatives included the provision of cash subsidies, respite care, and other forms of support. There is a need in each State, however, to strengthen, expand, and coordinate the activities of a system of family support services for families of children with disabilities that is easily accessible, avoids duplication, uses resources efficiently, and prevents gaps in services to families in all areas of the State. (6) The goals of the Nation properly include the goal of providing to families of children with disabilities the family support services necessary— (A) to support the family; (B) to enable families of children with disabilities to nurture and enjoy their children at home; (C) to enable families of children with disabilities to make informed choices and decisions regarding the nature of supports, resources, services, and other assistance made available to such families; and (D) to support family caregivers of adults with disabilities. (b) PURPOSES. —^The purposes of this title are— (1) to promote and strengthen the implementation of comprehensive State systems of family support services, for families with children with disabilities, that are family-centered and family-directed, and that provide families with the greatest possible decisionmaking authority and control regarding the nature and use of services and support; (2) to promote leadership by families in planning, policy development, implementation, and evaluation of family support services for families of children with disabilities; (3) to promote and develop interagency coordination and collaboration between agencies responsible for providing the services; and (4) to increase the availability of, funding for, access to, and provision of family support services for families of children with disabilities. (c) POLICY.— It is the policy of the United States that all programs, projects, and activities funded under this title shall be family-centered and family-directed, and shall be provided in a manner consistent with the goal of providing families of children with disabilities with the support the families need to raise their children at home. SEC. 203. DEFINITIONS AND SPECIAL RULE. 42 USC 15092. (a) DEFINITIONS.— In this title: (1) CHILD WITH A DISABILITY. —^The term "child with a disability" means an individual who— (A) has a significant physical or mental impairment, as defined pursuant to State policy to the extent that such policy is established without regard to type of disability; or (B) is an infant or a young child from birth through age 8 and has a substantial developmental delay or specific