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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS PUBLIC LAW 106-193.... Methane Hydrate Research and Development Act of 2000 106-194.... To amend the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act to restore certain lands to the Elim Native Corporation, and for other purposes. 106-195.... Recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Korean War and the service by members of the Armed Forces during such war, and for other purposes. 106-196.... To designate the United States courthouse located at 223 Broadf Avenue in Albany, Georgia, as the "C.B. King United States Courthouse". 106-197.... To exempt certain reports from automatic elimination and sunset pursuant to the Federal Reports Elimination and Sunset Act of 1995, and for other purposes. 106-198.... Providing for the appointment of Alan G. Spoon as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. 106-199.... Providing for the reappointment of Manuel L. Ibanez as a citizen regent of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution. 106-200.... Trade and Development Act of 2000 106-201.... To amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to provide that certain species conservation reports shall continue to be required to be submitted. 106-202.... Worker Economic Opportunity Act 106-203.... To designate the Federal building and United States courthouse located at 1300 Soutn Harrison Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana, as the "E. Ross Adair Federal Bviilding and United States Courthouse". 106-204.... To designate the Federal building located at 500 Pearl Street in New York City, New York, as the "Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse". 106-205.... Supporting the Day of Honor 2000 to honor and recognize the service of minority veterans in the United States Armed Forces during World War II. 106-206.... To allow the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture to establish a fee system for commercial filming activities on Federal land, and for other purposes. 106-207.... Hmong Veterans' Naturalization Act of 2000 106-208.... National Historic Preservation Act Amendments of 2000.. 106-209.... To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 9308 South Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, as the "John J. Buchanan Post Office Building". 106-210.... Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act 106-211.... To amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to improve the program for American Indian Tribal Colleges and Universities under part A of title III. 106-212.... American Institute in Taiwan Facilities Enhancement Act 106-213.... To extend the deadline for commencement of construction of a hydroelectric project in the State of Alabama. 106-214.... To amend the law that authorized the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to authorize the placement within the site of the memorial of a plaque to honor those Vietnam veterans who died after their service in the Vietnam war, but as a direct result of that service. 106-215.... Immigration and Naturalization Service Data Management Improvement Act of 2000. 106-216.... To authorize leases for terms not to exceed 99 years on land held in trust for the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians and the Guidiville Band of Pomo Indians of the Guidiville Indian Rancheria. DATE PAGE May 2, 2000 234 May 2, 2000 239 May 2, 2000 44 May 2, 2000 245 May 2, 2000 246 May 5, 2000 249 May 5, 2000 250 May 18, 2000 251 May 18, 2000 307 May 18, 2000 308 May 22, 2000 310 May 23, 2000 311 May 26, 2000 312 May 26, 2000 314 May 26, 2000 316 May 26, 2000 318 May 26, 2000 320 May 26, 2000 321 May 26, 2000 330 May 26, 2000 332 May 26, 2000 334 June 15, 2000.... 335 June 15, 2000.... 337 June 20, 2000.... 343