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114 STAT. 3072 PUBLIC LAW 106-577—DEC. 28, 2000 (b) IN GENERAL. —The Secretary shall conduct a study of the Study Area which includes Einalysis and documentation necessary to determine whether the Study Area— (1) has an assemblage of natural, historic, and cultural resources that together represent distinctive aspects of American heritage worthy of recognition, conservation, interpretation, and continuing use, and are best managed through partnerships among public and private entities; (2) reflects traditions, customs, beliefs, and folk-life that are a valuable part of the national story; (3) provides outstanding opportunities to conserve natural, historic, cultural, or scenic features; (4) provides outstanding recreational and educational opportunities; (5) contains resources important to the identified theme or themes of the Study Area that retain a degree of integrity capable of supporting interpretation; (6) includes residents, business interests, nonprofit organizations, and local and State governments who have demonstrated support for the concept of a National Heritage Area; and (7) has a potential management entity to work in partnership with residents, business interests, nonprofit organizations, and local and State governments to develop a National Heritage Area consistent with continued local and State economic activity. (c) CONSULTATION.—In conducting the study, the Secretary shall— (1) consult with the State Historic Preservation Officer, State Historical Society, and other appropriate organizations; and (2) use previously completed materials, including the Golden Spike Rail Study. (d) BOUNDARIES OF STUDY AREA.— The Study Area shall be comprised of sites relating to completion of the first transcontinental railroad in the State of Utah, concentrating on those areas identified on the map included in the (Jolden Spike Rail Study. Deadline. (e) REPORT. —Not later than 3 fiscal years after funds are first made available to carry out this section, the Secretary shall submit to the Committee on Resources of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate a report on the findings and conclusions of the study and recommendations based upon those findings and conclusions, (f) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. —There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary such sums as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section. 16 USC 461 note. SEC. 302. CROSSROADS OF THE WEST HISTORIC DISTRICT. (a) PURPOSES. —The purposes of this section are— (1) to preserve and interpret, for the educational and inspirational benefit of the public, the contribution to our national heritage of certain historic and cultural lands and edifices of the Crossroads of the West Historic District; and (2) to enhance cultural and compatible economic redevelopment within the District. (b) DEFINITIONS. —For the purposes of this section: