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PUBLIC LAW 106-569—DEC. 27, 2000 114 STAT. 2945 Sec. 602. Findings and purposes. Sec. 603. Definitions. Sec. 604. Federal manufactured home construction and safety standards. Sec. 605. Abolishment of National Manufactured Home Advisory Council; manufactured home installation. Sec. 606. Public information. Sec. 607. Research, testing, development, and training. Sec. 608. Prohibited acts. Sec. 609. Fees. Sec. 610. Dispute resolution. Sec. 611. Elimination of annual reporting requirement. Sec. 612. Effective date. Sec. 613. Savings provisions. TITLE VII—RURAL HOUSING HOMEOWNERSHIP Sec. 701. Guarantees for refinancing of rural housing loans. Sec. 702. Promissory note requirement vmder housing repair loan program. Sec. 703. Limited partnership eligibility for farm labor housing loans. Sec. 704. Pnyect accounting records and practices. Sec. 705. Definition of rural area. Sec. 706. Operating assistance for migrant farmworkers projects. Sec. 707. Multifamily rental housing loan guarantee program. Sec. 708. Enforcement provisions. Sec. 709. Amendments to title 18 of United States Code. TITLE VIII—HOUSING FOR ELDERLY AND DISABLED FAMILIES Sec. 801. Short title. Sec. 802. Regulations. Sec. 803. Effective date. Subtitle A—Refinancing for Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Sec. 811. Prepayment and refinancing. Subtitle B—Authorization of Appropriations for Supportive Housing for the Elderly and Persons With Disabilities Sec. 821. Supportive housing for elderly persons. Sec. 822. Supportive housing for persons with disabilities. Sec. 823. Service coordinators and congregate services for elderly and disabled housing. Subtitle C—Expanding Housing Opportunities for the Elderly and Persons With Disabilities PART 1—HOUSING FOR THE ELDERLY Sec. 831. Eligibility of for-profit limited partnerships. Sec. 832. Mixed funding sources. Sec. 833. Authority to acquire structures. Sec. 834. Use of project reserves. Sec. 835. Commercial activities. PART 2—^HOUSING FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES Sec. 841. EUgibihty of for-profit limited partnerships. Sec. 842. Mixed funding sources. Sec. 843. Tenant-based assistance. Sec. 844. Use of project reserves. Sec. 845. Commercial activities. PART 3—OTHER PROVISIONS Sec. 851. Service coordinators. Subtitle D—Preservation of Affordable Housing Stock Sec. 861. Section 236 assistance. TITLE IX—OTHER RELATED HOUSING PROVISIONS Sec. 901. Extension of loan term for manufactured home lots. Sec. 902. Use of section 8 vouchers for opt-outs. Sec. 903. Maximum payment standard for enhanced vouchers. Sec. 904. Use of section 8 assistance by "grand-families" to rent dwelling units in assisted projects.