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115 STAT. 1760 PUBLIC LAW 107-110-^AN. 8, 2002 "(A) IN GENERAL.— Each eligible entity awarded a grant under this subsection shall use the grant funds for activities that establish or implement a mentoring program, that may include— "(i) hiring of mentoring coordinators and support staff; "(ii) providing for the professional development of mentoring coordinators and support staff; "(iii) recruitment, screening, and training of mentors; "(iv) reimbursement to schools, if appropriate, for the use of school materials or supplies in carrying out the mentoring program; "(v) dissemination of outreach materials; "(vi) evaluation of the mentoring program using scientifically based methods; and "(vii) such other activities as the Secretary may reasonably prescribe by rule. "(B) PROHIBITED USES. —Notwithstanding subparagraph (A), an eligible entity awarded a grant under this section may not use the grant funds— "(i) to directly compensate mentors; "(ii) to obtain educational or other materials or equipment that would otherwise be used in the ordinary course of the eligible entity's operations; "(iii) to support litigation of any kind; or "(iv) for any other purpose reasonably prohibited by the Secretary by rule. "(3) AVAILABILITY OF FUNDS. —Funds made available through a grant under this section shall be available for obligation for a period not to exceed 3 years. "(4) APPLICATION.— Each eligible entity seeking a grant under this section shall submit to the Secretary an application that includes— "(A) a description of the plan for the mentoring program the eligible entity proposes to carry out with such grant; "(B) information on the children expected to be served by the mentoring program for which such grant is sought; "(C) a description of the mechanism the eligible entity will use to match children with mentors based on the needs of the children; "(D) an assurance that no mentor will be assigned to mentor so many children that the assignment will imidermine the mentor's ability to be an effective mentor or the mentor's ability to establish a close relationship (a one-to-one relationship, where practicable) with each mentored child; "(E) an assurance that the mentoring program will provide children with a variety of experiences and support, including— "(i) emotional support; "(ii) academic assistance; and "(iii) exposure to experiences that the children might not otherwise encounter on their own; "(F) an assurance that the mentoring program will be monitored to ensure that each child assigned a mentor