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115 STAT. 2108 PUBLIC LAW 107-114-^AN. 8, 2002 "(10) proceedings under the Act of July 10, 1957 (D.C. Code, secs. 30 -301 to 30-324); "(11) proceedings to determine paternity of any child born out of wedlock; "(12) civil proceedings for protection involving intrafamily offenses, instituted pursuant to chapter 10 of title 16; "(13) proceedings in which a child, as defined in section 16-2301, is alleged to be delinquent, neglected, or in need of supervision; "(14) proceedings under chapter 5 of title 21 relating to the commitment of the mentally ill; "(15) proceedings under chapter 13 of title 7 relating to the commitment of the at least moderately mentally retarded; and "(16) proceedings under Interstate Compact on Juveniles (described in title IV of the District of Columbia Court Reform and Criminal Procedure Act of 1970). " (b) DEFINITION. — "(1) IN GENERAL.—In this chapter, the term 'action or proceeding' with respect to the Family Court refers to cause of action described in paragraphs (1) through (16) of subsection (a). "(2) EXCEPTION. — An action or proceeding may be assigned to or retained by cross-jurisdictional units established by the Superior Court, including the Domestic Violence Unit. "§ 11-1102. Use of alternative dispute resolution "To the greatest extent practicable and safe, cases and proceedings in the Family Court of the Superior Court shall be resolved through alternative dispute resolution procedures, in accordance with such rules as the Superior Court may promulgate. "§ 11-1103. Standards of practice for appointed counsel "The Superior Court shall establish standards of practice for attorneys appointed as counsel in the Family Court of the Superior Court. "§ 11-1104. Administration " (a) 'ONE FAMILY, ONE JUDGE' REQUIREMENT FOR CASES AND PROCEEDINGS.—To the greatest extent practicable, feasible, and lawful, if an individual who is a party to an action or proceeding assigned to the Family Court has an immediate family or household member who is a party to another action or proceeding assigned to the Family Court, the individual's action or proceeding shall be assigned to the same judge or magistrate judge to whom the immediate family member's action or proceeding is assigned. "(b) RETENTION OF JURISDICTION OVER CASES.— "(1) IN GENERAL.—In addition to the requirement of subsection (a), any action or proceeding assigned to the Family Court of the Superior Court shall remain under the jurisdiction of the Family Court until the action or proceeding is finally disposed, except as provided in paragraph (2)(D). "(2) ONE FAMILY, ONE JUDGE. — "(A) FOR THE DURATION. —An action or proceeding assigned pursuant to this subsection shall remain with the judge or magistrate judge in the Family Court to whom the action or proceeding is assigned for the duration of