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PUBLIC LAW 107-115-^AN. 10, 2002 115 STAT. 2169 (2) the UNFPA does not commingle amounts made available to the UNFPA under this section with other sums; and (3) the UNFPA does not fund abortions. AMERICAN CHURCHWOMEN AND OTHER CITIZENS IN EL SALVADOR AND GUATEMALA Barbara Ann Ford. Public information. SEC. 577. (a) To the fullest extent possible information relevant to the December 2, 1980, murders of four American churchwomen in El Salvador, and the May 5, 2001, murder of Sister Barbara Ann Ford and the murders of six other American citizens in Guatemala since December 1999, should be investigated and made public. (b) The Department of State is urged to pursue all reasonable avenues in assuring the collection and public release of information pertaining to the murders of the six American citizens in Guatemala. (c) The President shall order all Federal agencies and depart- President ments, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, that possess relevant information, to expeditiously declassify and release to the victims' families such information, consistent with existing standards and procedures on classification. (d) In making determinations concerning declassification and release of relevant information, all Federal agencies and departments should use the discretion contained within such existing standards and procedures on classification in support of releasing, rather than withholding, such information. (e) All reasonable efforts should be taken by the American Embassy in Guatemala to work with relevant agencies of the Guatemalan Government to protect the safety of American citizens in Guatemala, and to assist in the investigations of violations of human rights. PROCUREMENT AND FINANCLVL MANAGEMENT REFORM SEC. 578. (a) FUNDING CONDITIONS.— Of the funds made available under the heading "International Financial Institutions" in this Act, 10 percent of the United States portion or payment to such International Financial Institution shall be withheld by the Secretary of the Treasury, until the Secretary certifies to the Committees on Appropriations that, to the extent pertinent to its lending programs, the institution is— (1) implementing procedures for conducting annual audits by qualified independent auditors for all new investment lending; (2) implementing procedures for annual independent external audits of central bank financial statements for countries making use of International Monetary Fund resources under new arrangements or agreements with the Fund; (3) taking steps to establish an independent fraud and corruption investigative organization or office; (4) implementing a process to assess a recipient country's procurement and financial management capabilities including an analysis of the risks of corruption prior to initiating new investment lending; and (5) taking steps to fund and implement programs and policies to improve transparency and anti-corruption programs and procurement and financial management controls in recipient countries. Certification.