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PUBLIC LAW 107-149—MAR. 12, 2002 116 STAT. 69 SEC. 7. REGIONAL SKILLS PARTNERSHIPS. Title II of the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 (40 U.S.C. App.) is amended by inserting after section 204 (as added by section 6) the following:

"SEC. 205. REGIONAL SKILLS PARTNERSHIPS. 40 USC app. 205. "(a) DEFINITION OF ELIGIBLE ENTITY.— In this section, the term 'eligible entity' means a consortium that— "(1) is established to serve 1 or more industries in a specified geographic area; and "(2) consists of representatives of— "(A) businesses (or a nonprofit organization that represents businesses); "(B) labor organizations; "(C) State and local governments; or "(D) educational institutions. "(b) PROJECTS TO BE ASSISTED. —The Commission may provide technical assistance, make grants, enter into contracts, or otherwise provide funds to eligible entities in the region for projects to improve the job skills of workers for a specified industry, including projects for— "(1) the assessment of training and job skill needs for the industry; "(2) the development of curricula and training methods, including, in appropriate cases, electronic learning or technology-based training; "(3)(A) the identification of training providers; and "(B) the development of partnerships between the industry and educational institutions, including community colleges; "(4) the development of apprenticeship programs; "(5) the development of training programs for workers, including dislocated workers; and "(6) the development of training plans for businesses. "(c) ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS.— An eligible entity may use not more than 10 percent of the funds made available to the eligible entity under subsection (b) to pay administrative costs associated with the projects described in subsection (b). " (d) SOURCE OF FUNDING.— "(1) IN GENERAL. — Assistance under this section may be provided— "(A) exclusively from amounts made available to carry out this section; or "(B) from amounts made available to carry out this section in combination with amounts made available under any other Federal program or from any other source, " (2) FEDERAL SHARE REQUIREMENTS SPECIFIED IN OTHER LAWS. —Notwithstanding any provision of law limiting the Federal share under any other Federal program, amounts made available to carry out this section may be used to increase that Federal share, as the Commission determines to be appropriate. "(e) COST SHARING FOR GRANTS.— Not more than 50 percent (or 80 percent in the case of a project to be carried out in a county for which a distressed county designation is in effect under section 226) of the costs of any activity eligible for a grant under this section may be provided from funds appropriated to carry out this section.".