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116 STAT. 982 PUBLIC LAW 107-210—AUG. 6, 2002 (B) In general, the requirement to provide particular information shall be imposed on the party most likely to have direct knowledge of that information. Where requiring information from the party with direct knowledge of that information is not practicable, the regulations shall take into account how, under ordinary commercial practices, information is acquired by the party on which the requirement is imposed, and whether and how such party is able to verify the information. Where information is not reasonably verifiable by the party on which a requirement is imposed, the regulations shall permit that party to transmit information on the basis of what it reasonably believes to be true. (C) The Secretary shall take into account the existence of competitive relationships among the parties on which requirements to provide particular information are imposed. (D) Where the regulations impose requirements on carriers of cargo, they shall take into account differences among different miodes of transportation, including dif- ferences in commercial practices, operational characteristics, and technological capacity to collect and transmit information electronically. (E) The regulations shall take into account the extent to which the technology necessary for parties to transmit and the Customs Service to receive and analyze data in a timely fashion is available. To the extent that the Secretary determines that the necessary technology will not be widely available to particular modes of transportation or other affected parties until after promulgation of the regulations, the regulations shall provide interim requirements appropriate for the technology that is available at the time of promulgation. (F) The information collected pursuant to the regulations shall be used exclusively for ensuring aviation, maritime, and surface transportation safety and security, and shall not be used for determining entry or for any other commercial enforcement purposes. (G) The regulations shall protect the privacy of business proprietary and any other confidential information provided to the Customs Service. However, this parameter does not repeal, amend, or otherwise modify other provisions of law relating to the public disclosure of information transmitted to the Customs Service. (H) In determining the timing for transmittal of any information, the Secretary • shall balance likely impact on flow of commerce with impact on aviation, maritime, and surface transportation safety and security. With respect to requirements that may be imposed on carriers of cargo, the timing for transmittal of information shall take into account differences among different modes of transportation, as described in subparagraph (D). (I) Where practicable, the regulations shall avoid imposing requirements that are redundant with one another or that are redundant with requirements in other provisions of law.