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PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 116 STAT. 1077 information technology resources to federal agencies and to efficiently manage, coordinate, operate, and use those resources. (2) SPECIFICALLY INCLUDED ITEMS.— Information technology resources provided under this section include information processing and transmission equipment, software, systems, operating facilities, supplies, and related services including maintenance and repair. (3) CANCELLATION COSTS.— Any cancellation costs incurred for a contract entered into under subsection (e) shall be paid from money currently available in the Fund. (4) No FISCAL YEAR LIMITATION.—The Fund is available without fiscal year limitation. (d) CHARGES TO AGENCIES.—I f the Director approves plans submitted by the Administrator under subsection (b), the Administrator shall establish rates, consistent with the approval, to be charged to agencies for information technology resources provided through the Fund. (e) CONTRACT AUTHORITY.— (1) IN GENERAL. —In operating the Fund, the Administrator may enter into multiyear contracts, not longer than 5 years, to provide information technology hardware, software, or services if— (A) amounts are available and adequate to pay the costs of the contract for the first fiscal year cuid any costs of cancellation or termination; (B) the contract is awarded on a fully competitive basis; and (C) the Administrator determines that— (i) the need for the information technology hardware, software, or services being provided will continue over the period of the contract; (ii) the use of the multiyear contract will jdeld substantial cost savings when compared with other methods of providing the necessary resources; and (iii) the method of contracting will not exclude small business participation. (2) EFFECT ON OTHER LAW.—T h is subsection does not limit the authority of the Administrator to procure equipment and services under sections 501-505 of this title. (f) TRANSFER OF UNCOMMITTED BALANCE.— After the close of each fiscEd year, any uncommitted balance remaining in the Fund, after making provision for anticipated operating needs as determined by the Office of Management and Budget, shall be transferred to the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. (g) ANNUAL REPORT.— The Administrator shall report annually to the Director on the operation of the Fund. The report must address the inventory, use, and acquisition of information processing equipment and identify ciny proposed increases to the capital of the Fund. § 323. Consumer Information Center Fund (a) EXISTENCE.— There is in the Treasury a Consumer Information Center Fund, General Services Administration, for the purpose of disseminating Federal Government consumer information to the public and for other related purposes. (b) DEPOSITS.—Money shall be deposited into the Fund from—