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PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 116 STAT. 1107 § 573. Personal property The Administrator of General Services may retain from the proceeds of sales of personal property the Administrator conducts amounts necessary to recover, to the extent practicable, costs the Administrator (or the Administrator's agent) incurs in conducting the sales. The Administrator shall deposit amounts retained into the General Supply Fund established under section 321(a) of this title. From the amounts deposited, the Administrator may pay direct costs and reasonably related indirect costs incurred in conducting sales of personal property. At least once each year, amounts retained that are not needed to pay the direct and indirect costs shall be transferred from the General Supply Fund to the general fund or another appropriate account in the Treasury. §574. Other rules regarding proceeds (a) CREDIT TO REIMBURSABLE FUND OR APPROPRIATION.— (1) APPLICATION.—T h is subsection applies to property acquired with amounts— (A) not appropriated from the general fund of the Treasury; or (B) appropriated from the general fund of the Treasury but by law reimbursable from assessment, tax, or other revenue or receipts. (2) IN GENERAL.—The net proceeds of a disposition or transfer of property described in paragraph (1) shall be— (A) credited to the applicable reimbursable fund or appropriation; or (B) paid to the federal agency that determined the property to be excess. (3) CALCULATION OF NET PROCEEDS. —For purposes of this suibsection, the net proceeds of a disposition or transfer of property are the proceeds less all expenses incurred for the disposition or transfer, including care and handling. (4) ALTERNATIVE CREDIT TO MISCELLANEOUS RECEIPTS.—I f the agency that determined the property to be excess decides that it is uneconomical or impractical to ascertain the amount of net proceeds, the proceeds shall be credited to miscellaneous receipts. (b) SPECIAL ACCOUNT FOR REFUNDS OR PAYMENTS FOR BREACH.— (1) DEPOSITS.— A federal agency that disposes of surplus property under this chapter may deposit, in a special account in the Treasury, amounts of the proceeds of the dispositions that the agency decides are necessary to permit— (A) appropriate refunds to purchasers for dispositions that are rescinded or that do not become final; and (B) payments for breach of warranty. (2) WITHDRAWALS.—^A federal agency that deposits proceeds in a special account under paragraph (1) may withdraw amounts to be refunded or paid from the account without regard to the origin of the amounts withdrawn. (c) CREDIT TO COST OF CONTRACTOR'S WORK. —If a contract made by an executive agency, or a subcontract under that contract, authorizes the proceeds of a sale of property in the custody of a contractor or subcontractor to be credited to the price or cost of work covered by the contract or subcontract, then the proceeds of the sale shall be credited in accordance with the contract or subcontract.