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116 STAT. 1142 PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 65. THURGOOD MARSHALL FEDERAL JUDICIARY BUILDING 6581 67. PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE DEVELOPMENT 6701 69. UNION STATION REDEVELOPMENT 6901 PART D—PUBLIC BUILDINGS, GROUNDS, AND PARKS IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 81. ADMINISTRATIVE 8101 83. WASHINGTON METROPOLITAN REGION DEVELOPMENT 8301 85. NATIONAL CAPITAL SERVICE AREA AND DIRECTOR 8501 87. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT OF NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION 8701 89. NATIONAL CAPITAL MEMORL\LS AND COMMEMORATIVE 8901 WORKS. 9L COMMISSION OF FINE ARTS 9101 93. THEODORE ROOSEVELT ISLAND 9301 95. WASHINGTON AQUEDUCT AND OTHER PUBLIC WORKS IN THE 9501 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. PART A—GENERAL CHAPTER 31—GENERAL SUBCHAPTER I—OVERSIGHT AND REGULATION OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS Sec. 3101. Public buildingjs under control of Administrator of General Services. 3102. Naming or designating buildings. 3103. Admission of guide dogs or other service animals accompanying individuals with disabilities. 3104. Furniture for new buildings. 3105. Buildings not to be drapedf in mourning. SUBCHAPTER II—ACQUIRING LAND 3111. Approval of sufficiency of title prior to acquisition. 3112. Federal jurisdiction. 3113. Acquisition by condemnation. 3114. Declaration of taking. 3115. Irrevocable commitment of Federal Government to pay ultimate award when fixed. 3116. Interest as part of just compensation. 3117. Exclusion of certain property by stipulation of Attorney General. 3118. Right of taking as addition to existing rights. SUBCHAPTER III—BONDS 3131. Bonds of contractors of public buildings or works. 3132. Alternatives to payment bonds provided by Federal Acquisition Regulation. 3133. Rights of persons furnishing labor or material. 3134. Waivers for certain contracts. SUBCHAPTER IV—WAGE RATE REQUIREMENTS 3141. Definitions. 3142. Rate of wages for laborers and mechanics. 3143. Termination of work on failure to pay agreed wages. 3144. Authority of Comptroller General to pay wages and list contractors violating contracts. 3145. Regulations governing contractors and subcontractors. 3146. Effect on other federal laws. 3147. Suspension of this subchapter during a national emergency. 3148. Application of this subchapter to certain contracts. SUBCHAPTER V—VOLUNTEER SERVICES 3161. Purpose. 3162. Waiver for individuals who perform volunteer services. SUBCHAPTER VI—MISCELLANEOUS 3171. Contract authority when appropriation is for less than full amount. 3172. Extension of state workers compensation laws to buildings, works, and property of the Federal Government. 3173. Working capital fund for blueprinting, photostating, and duplicating services in General Services Administration.