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116 STAT. 1164 PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 created by the Act of March 4, 1907 (ch. 2918, 34 Stat. 1365), before the Administrator may acquire land located south of Independence Avenue, between Third Street SW and Eleventh Street SE, in the District of Columbia, for use as a site or an addition to a site. (2) WITH ARCHITECT OF CAPITOL.— The Administrator must consult with the Architect of the Capitol before the Administrator may acquire land located in the area extending from the United States Capitol Grounds to Eleventh Street NE and SE and bounded by Independence Avenue on the south and G Street NE on the north, in the District of Columbia, for use as a site or an addition to a site, (d) CONTRACTS FOR EVENTS IN STADIUM.—Notwithstanding the District of Colimibia Stadium Act of 1957 (Public Law 85-300, 71 Stat. 619) or any other provision of law, the Armory Board may make contracts to conduct events in Robert F. Kennedy Stadium. § 3310. Special rules for leased buildings For any building to be constructed for lease to, and for predominant use by, the Federal Government, the Administrator of General Services— (1) notwithstanding section 585(a)(1) of this title, shall not make any agreement or undertake any commitment which will result in the construction of the building until the Administrator has established detailed specification requirements for the building; (2) may acquire a leasehold interest in the building only by the use of competitive procedures required by section 303 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949 (41 U.S.C. 253); (3) shall inspect every building during construction to establish that the specifications established for the building are complied with; (4) on completion of the building, shall evaluate the building to determine the extent of failure to comply with the specifications referred to in clause (1); and (5) shall ensure that any contract entered into for the building shall contain provisions permitting a reduction of rent during any period when the building is not in complieince with the specifications. §3311. State administration of criminal and health and safety laws When the Administrator of General Services considers it desirable, the Administrator may assign to a State or a territory or possession of the United States any part of the authority of the Federal Government to administer criminal laws and health and safety laws with respect to land or an interest in land under the control of the Administrator and located in the State, territory, or possession. Assignment of authority under this section may be accomplished by filing with the chief executive officer of the State, territory, or possession a notice of assignment to take effect on acceptance, or in another manner as may be prescribed by the laws of the State, territory, or possession in which the land or interest is located.