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116 STAT. 1188 PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 §6501. Definition In this chapter, the term "Chief Justice" means the Chief Justice of the United States or the designee of the Chief Justice, except that when there is a vacancy in the office of the Chief Justice, the most senior associate justice of the Supreme Court shall be deemed to be the Chief Justice for purposes of this chapter until the vacancy is filled. § 6502. Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building (a) ESTABLISHMENT AND DESIGNATION.— T here is a Federal Judiciary Building in Washington, B.C., known and designated as the "Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building". (b) TITLE. — (1) SQUARES 721 AND 722. —Title to squares 721 and 722 remains in the Federal Government. (2) BUILDING. —Title to the Building and other improvements constructed or otherwise made immediately reverts to the Government at the expiration of not more than 30 years from the effective date of the lease agreement referred to in section 6504 of this title without payment of any compensation by the Government. (c) LIMITATIONS.— (1) SIZE OF BUILDING.—The Building (excluding parking facilities) may not exceed 520,000 gross square feet in size above the level of Columbia Plaza in the District of Columbia. (2) HEIGHT OF BUILDING.—The height of the Building and other improvements shall be compatible with the height of surrounding Government and historic buildings and conform to the provisions of the Act of June 1, 1910 (ch. 263, 36 Stat. 452) (known as the Building Height Act of 1910). (3) DESIGN. —The Building and other improvements shall— (A) be designed in harmony with historical and Government buildings in the vicinity; (B) reflect the symbolic importance and historic character of the United States Capitol and other buildings on the United States Capitol Grounds; and (C) represent the dignity and stability of the Government. (d) APPROVAL OF CHIEF JUSTICE. — All final decisions regarding architectural design of the Building are subject to the approval of the Chief Justice. (e) CHILLED WATER AND STEAM FROM CAPITOL POWER PLANT. — If the Building is connected with the Capitol Power Plant, the Architect of the Capitol shall furnish chilled water and steam from the Plant to the Building on a reimbursable basis. (f) CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS.—The Building and other improvements constructed under this chapter shall meet all standards applicable to construction of a federal building. (g) ACCOUNTING SYSTEM.— The Architect shall maintain an accounting system for operation and maintenance of the Building and other improvements which will allow accurate projections of the dates and cost of major repairs, improvements, reconstructions, and replacements of the Building and improvements and other capital expenditures on the Building and improvements. (h) NONAPPLICABILITY OF CERTAIN LAWS. — (1) BUILDING CODES, PERMITS, OR INSPECTION.— The Building is not subject to any law of the District of Columbia relating