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116 STAT. 1192 PUBLIC LAW 107-217—AUG. 21, 2002 (A) to the Architect to carry out this subsection, including amounts for acquiring and instalHng furniture and furnishings; and (B) to the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate to plan for, acquire, and install telecommunications equipment and services for the Architect with respect to space leased under this subsection. (e) SUBLEASED SPACE.— (1) RENTAL RATE.—Space subleased by the Architect under sulbsection (a)(3) is subject to reimbursement at a rate which is comparable to prevailing rental rates for similar facilities in the area but not less than the rate established under section 6504(b)(2) of this title plus an amount the Architect and the person subleasing the space agree is necessary to pay each year for the cost of administering the Building (including the cost of operation, maintenance, rehabilitation, security, and structural, mechanical, and domestic care) that is attributable to the space. (2) LIMITATION.—^A sublease under subsection (a)(3) must be compatible with the dignity and functions of the judicial branch offices housed in the Building and must not unduly interfere with the activities and operations of the judicial branch agencies housed in the Building. Sections 5104(c) and 5108 of this title do not apply to any space in the Building and other improvements subleased to a non-Government tenant under subsection (a)(3). (3) COLLECTION OF RENT. —The Architect shall collect rent for space subleased under subsection (a)(3). (f) DEPOSIT OF RENT AND REIMBURSEMENTS. —Amounts received under subsection (a)(3) (including lease payments and reimbursements) shall be deposited in the account described in section 6507 of this title. § 6507. Account in Treasury (a) ESTABLISHMENT AND CONTENTS OF SEPARATE ACCOUNT. — There is a separate account in the Treasury. The account includes all amounts deposited in the account under section 6506(f) of this title and amounts appropriated to the account. However, the appropriated amounts may not be more than $2,000,000. (b) USE OF AMOUNTS. — Amounts in the account are avedlable to the Architect of the Capitol— (1) for paying expenses for structural, mechanical, and domestic care, maintenance, operation, and utilities of the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building and other improvements constructed under this chapter; (2) for reimbursing the United States Capitol Police for expenses incurred in providing exterior security for the Building and other improvements; (3) for making lease pa5nQaents under section 6504 of this title; and (4) for necessary personnel (including consultants). CHAPTER 67—PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE DEVELOPMENT SUBCHAPTER I—TRANSFER AND ASSIGMENT OF RIGHTS, AUTHORITIES, TITLE, AND INTERESTS Sec.