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PUBLIC LAW 107-273—NOV. 2, 2002 116 STAT. 1875 to their families, in order to reduce the likehhood that such juvenile offenders will commit subsequent violations of law;", (iii) in subparagraph (E)— (I) by redesignating clause (ii) as clause (iii), and (II) by striking "juveniles, provided" and all that follows through "provides; and", and inserting the following: "juveniles— "(i) to encourage juveniles to remain in elementary and secondary schools or in alternative learning situations; "(ii) to provide services to assist juveniles in making the transition to the world of work and self- sufficiency; and", (iv) by amending subparagraph (F) to read as follows: "(F) expanding the use of probation officers— "(i) particularly for the purpose of permitting nonviolent juvenile offenders (including status offenders) to remain at home with their families as an alternative to incarceration or institutionalization; and "(ii) to ensure that juveniles follow the terms of their probation;", (v) by amending subparagraph (G) to read as follows: "(G) counseling, training, and mentoring programs, which may be in support of academic tutoring, vocational and technical training, and drug and violence prevention counseling, that are designed to link at-risk juveniles, juvenile offenders, or juveniles who have a parent or legal guardian who is or was incarcerated in a Federal, State, or local correctional facility or who is otherwise under the jurisdiction of a Federal, State, or local criminal justice system, particularly juveniles residing in low-income and high-crime areas and juveniles experiencing educational failure, with responsible individuals (such as law enforcement officials. Department of Defense personnel, individuals working with local businesses, and individuals working with community-based and faith-based organizations and agencies) who are properly screened and trained;", (vii) in subparagraph (H) by striking "handicapped youth" and inserting "juveniles with disabilities", (viii) by striking subparagraph (K), (ix) in subparagraph (L>— (I) in clause (iv) by adding "and" at the end, (II) in clause (v) by striking "and" at the end, and (III) by striking clause (vi), (x) in subparagraph (M) by striking "boot camps", (xi) by amending subparagraph (N) to read as follows: "(N) community-based programs and services to work with juveniles, their parents, and other family members during and after incarceration in order to strengthen families so that such juveniles may be retained in their homes;".