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116 STAT. 1878 PUBLIC LAW 107-273—NOV. 2, 2002 Deadline. Deadline. (M) in paragraph (16) by striking "mentally, emotionally, or physically handicapping conditions" and inserting "disability", (N) by amending paragraph (19) to read as follows: "(19) provide assurances that— "(A) any assistance provided under this Act will not cause the displacement (including a partial displacement, such as a reduction in the hours of nonovertime work, wages, or employment benefits) of any currently employed employee; "(B) activities assisted under this Act will not impair an existing collective bargaining relationship, contract for services, or collective bargaining agreement; and "(C) no such activity that would be inconsistent with the terms of a collective bargaining agreement shall be undertaken without the written concurrence of the labor organization involved;", (O) by amending paragraph (22) to read as follows: "(22) provide that the State agency designated under paragraph (1) will— "(A) to the extent practicable give priority in funding to programs and activities that are based on rigorous, systematic, and objective research that is scientifically based; "(B) from time to time, but not less than annually, review its plan and submit to the Administrator an analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the programs and activities carried out under the plan, and any modifications in the plan, including the survey of State and local needs, that it considers necessary; and "(C) not expend funds to carry out a program if the recipient of funds who carried out such program during the preceding 2-year period fails to demonstrate, before the expiration of such 2-year period, that such program achieved substantial success in achieving the goals specified in the application submitted by such recipient to the State agency;", (P) by amending paragraph (23) to read as follows: "(23) address juvenile delinquency prevention efforts and system improvement efforts designed to reduce, without establishing or requiring numerical standards or quotas, the disproportionate number of juvenile members of minority groups, who come into contact with the juvenile justice system;", (Q) by amending paragraph (24) to read as follows: "(24) provide that if a juvenile is taken into custody for violating a valid court order issued for committing a status offense— "(A) an appropriate public agency shall be promptly notified that such juvenile is held in custody for violating such order; "(B) not later than 24 hours during which such juvenile is so held, an authorized representative of such agency shall interview, in person, such juvenile; and "(C) not later than 48 hours during which such juvenile is so held—