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PUBLIC LAW 107-296—NOV. 25, 2002 116 STAT. 2245 transfer of such agency, program, or function to the Secretary or another Federal official pursuant to this Act. This Act may not be construed as altering or diminishing the regulatory authority of any other executive agency, except to the extent that this Act transfers such authority from the agency. (b) PREEMPTION OF STATE OR LOCAL LAW.— Except as otherwise provided in this Act, this Act preempts no State or local law, except that any authority to preempt State or local law vested in any Federal agency or official transferred to the Department pursuant to this Act shall be transferred to the Department effective on the date of the transfer to the Department of that Federal agency or official. SEC. 878. COUNTERNARCOTICS OFFICER. 6 USC 458. The Secretary shall appoint a senior official in the Department to assume primary responsibility for coordinating policy and operations within the Department and between the Department and other Federal departments and agencies with respect to interdicting the entry of illegal drugs into the United States, and tracking and severing connections between illegal drug trafficking and terrorism. Such official shall— (1) ensure the adequacy of resources within the Department for illicit drug interdiction; and (2) serve as the United States Interdiction Coordinator for the Director of National Drug Control Policy. SEC. 879. OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS. 6 USC 459. (a) ESTABLISHMENT.—T here is established within the Office of the Secretary an Office of International Affairs. The Office shall be headed by a Director, who shall be a senior official appointed by the Secretary. (b) DUTIES OF THE DIRECTOR.— The Director shall have the following duties: (1) To promote information and education exchange with nations friendly to the United States in order to promote sharing of best practices and technologies relating to homeland security. Such exchange shall include the following: (A) Exchange of information on research and development on homeland security technologies. (B) Joint training exercises of first responders. (C) Exchange of expertise on terrorism prevention, response, and crisis management. (2) To identify areas for homeland security information and training exchange where the United States has a demonstrated weakness and another friendly nation or nations have a demonstrated expertise. (3) To plan and undertake international conferences, exchange programs, and training activities. (4) To manage international activities within the Department in coordination with other Federal officials with responsibility for counter-terrorism matters. SEC. 880. PROHIBITION OF THE TERRORISM INFORMATION AND 6 USC 460. PREVENTION SYSTEM. Any and all activities of the Federal Government to implement the proposed component program of the Citizen Corps known as Operation TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention System) are hereby prohibited.