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116 STAT. 2626 PUBLIC LAW 107-314—DEC. 2, 2002 "(4) For the purposes of this subsection, a foreign gift or donation is a gift or donation of funds, materials (including research materials), property, or services (including lecture services and faculty services) from a foreign government, a foundation or other charitable organization in a foreign country, or an individual in a foreign country.". (b) CONTENT OF ANNUAL REPORT TO CONGRESS. —Subsection (i) of such section, as redesignated by subsection (a)(1), is amended by inserting after the first sentence the following: "The report shall include a copy of the latest report of the Board of Visitors received by the Secretary under subsection (e)(5), together with any comments of the Secretary on the Board's report.". SEC. 933. CONFORMING AMENDMENT TO REFLECT DISESTABLISH- MENT OF DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CONSEQUENCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM INTEGRATION OFFICE. Section 12310(c)(3) of title 10, United States Code, is amended by striking "only—" and all that follows through "(B) while assigned" and inserting "only while assigned". SEC. 934. INCREASE IN NUMBER OF DEPUTY COMMANDANTS OF THE MARINE CORPS. Section 5045 of title 10, United States Code, is amended by striking "five" and inserting "six". TITLE X—GENERAL PROVISIONS Subtitle A—Financial Matters Sec. 1001. Transfer authority. Sec. 1002. Authorization of supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 2002. Sec. 1003. United States contribution to NATO common-funded budgets in fiscal year 2003. Sec. 1004. Development and implementation of financial management enterprise architecture. Sec. 1005. Accountable officials in the Department of Defense. Sec. 1006. Uniform standards throughout Department of Defense for exposure of personnel to pecuniary ligmility for loss of Government property. Sec. 1007. Improvements in purchase card management. Sec. 1008. Improvements in travel card management. Sec. 1009. Clearance of certain transactions recorded in Treasury suspense accounts and resolution of certain check issuance discrepancies. Sec. 1010. Authorization of funds for ballistic missile defense programs or combating terrorism programs of the Department of Defense. Sec. 1011. Reduction in overall authorization due to inflation savings. Subtitle B—Naval Vessels and Shipyards Sec. 1021. Number of Navy combatant surface vessels in active and reserve service. Sec. 1022. Annual long-range plan for the construction of naval vessels. Sec. 1023. Assessment of the feasibility of the expedited equipping of a Navy ship with a version of the 155-millimeter Advanced Gun System. Sec. 1024. Report on initiatives to increase operational days of Navy ships. Sec. 1025. Ship combat system industrial base. Sec. 1026. Sense of Congress concerning aircraft carrier force structure. Sec. 1027. Conveyance, Navy drydock, Portland, Oregon. Subtitle C—Strategic Matters Sec. 1031. Strategic force structure plan for nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Sec. 1032. Annual report on weapons to defeat hardened and deeply buried targets. Sec. 1033. Report on effects of nuclear earth-penetrator weapon and other weapons. Subtitle D—Reports Sec. 1041. Repeal and modification of various reporting requirements applicable to the Department of Defense.